View Full Version : please pray/ friend having heart surgery

angel collector
02-13-02, 06:53 PM
my friend jennifer in school is having heart surgery soon and shes really nervous about it as am i i just recently made friends with her and shes so nice. anyway the reason shes having the surgery is b/c when she was younger she had to open heart surgeries and when they did the first one she got a blood clot and she went back for the second surgery and they left a hole in her heart. which they have to fix now b/c if they dont and she gets another blood clot it could cause her to have a stroke (which is bad) mind you she is only around 19. i think her surgery is for march 13 but im not sure please pray for her thanks


02-14-02, 12:11 AM
Yes I will glady pray for her and you too, God you better be listening cause we need to do some talking heheheh:)

Breni Sue
02-14-02, 02:35 AM

She will be in my prayers, Andrea. Please keep us updated! :)