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02-13-02, 05:07 PM
Day by Day I struggle with the decision I make. Wondering, Oh Lord, Did I make the right choice or did I miss the mark? Day by day I wonder what God's Will is for me. as I pray to him:

SO I PRAY: Show me your way, Oh Lord. So that I will never stray. Guide me in your truth and teach me your way For you are my God and my Savior.

Each day I face hopelessness and wonder if it will ever change. Each night I kneel before my Lord as my heart cry out. The words escape my lips so I pray: My hope is in you all day long. Constantly I seek your will. Show me your way, Oh Lord, and teach me your path. I will never go astray if only uou will show me your way.

Bridge: There will be days when I go the wrong way, but I remember God's great Love... My hope is in you My hope is in you. Please show me your way. My hope is in you (fade)

Please do not use this song for profit