View Full Version : A Poem of Waiting

02-13-02, 05:57 PM
I Wait

I call out to my Lord, my King
I want to know why the wait
I call out to my Lord, my King
For his response is never to late

Abraham, a friend of God
He knows all about waiting
Abraham, a Friend of God
saw it not dissipating

I wait. I wait and yet I wonder
I wonder what is going on
I wait. I wait on the Lord
My strength is not asundered
For I rest in God Alone.

02-14-02, 12:21 AM
wow, thats a reassuring poem! sometimes it sure is hard to wait tho

02-14-02, 12:53 AM
patience is something i definitly don't have... thanks for sharing your poem with me. kepp 'em coming!

02-15-02, 11:48 AM
That is a very good poem. :)