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02-12-02, 10:32 AM
Dear all,

I am new to the forum and from what I have seen it looks great! I am praying for all that I have read. God bless you all.
I have a request...
I have a 17 year old niece, Katie, who has been plagued with debilitating migrains for the past 3 years. Every year she gets them at least 3 months in a row sometimes more, sometimes less, last year was very rough. The doctors say it is just teen migrains and they will go away by the time she is 21 so in the mean time she is on several different drugs and iv therapy to get her through it. Last year she lost so much weight she was back in a childs size 12 and her outlook has gone way down.
Let me tell you about Katie before this happened, if you don't mind. She was a healthy vivacious teen who was in gifted and talented classes as well as taking several Advanced AP courses in her high school. She was a member of the choir that went to competitions and last year she was elgable to go to Cancun with then but was too sick. She will miss her first JR/SR prom this year due to her illness and has gone back on homebound for about the 4th time in 3 years. She wanted to be a special education school teacher and was just your normal all around Christian teen.
Now, she sleeps most of her days away except when the homebound teacher comes. She tries so hard to be an active member of the family but even laughter (which our family does a lot of) hurts her head so she has to go to her room (alone and dark). She hardly ever goes out to eat with us anymore and she NEVER goes out with friends anymore. She even misses church because the singing hurts her head!
I am in tears now as I type this, please, please pray for her healing completly. I fear for her and her future. I don't buy what the doctors are saying and I talk to her mother regular about it. She is at her wits end and ready for an emotional breakdown with all this. Pray for her as well. Pray with me now, please..

Our most Heavely Gracious Father,
We come to you in prayer for Katie and Sherry. Lord God please heal her completly with no lasting effects. Restore Katie to the wholesome youth she was and I know with You can be again. Lift her up and heal her, also let her know how special she is to many, many people. Thank you Father for all that you do. In Christ Jesus Name, Amen.

Thank you and may the Lord bless and keep you and yours.
Jesus Eternal Servant, Kathy

02-12-02, 05:44 PM
:angel: :wah: Father, I come in Jesus Name asking for Total Helaing for Katie. We are always distressed to hear of young people who are seemingly being cut down in young life. Lord Jesus, Bless greatly. Bless the intercessors. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to family and friends. Bless and guide the medical people who are ministering to Her. All of this we ask in Jesus Name. Agape. Grandpa.
Mizz Kathykat: Keep us posted. We care. Grandpa. :)

02-12-02, 06:43 PM
:angel: Thank you for your kind words and may THe Lord Bless you and yours also.
Jesus Eternal Servant, Kathy

02-12-02, 07:56 PM
Lord, You said that by Your stripes we were healed! Well, that means Katie! Father I SEE You strength flowing into that room tonight. I SEE Your healing power engulfing her. I SEE Your Spirit descending on her whole body, bringing her health and wholeness. Let the light of Your peace and joy shine in this household tonight. Shine forth in this heart and raise up this mighty testimony of Your faithfulness to Your children. By Your Stripes Katie WAS healed! in Jesus' mighty name.