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02-12-02, 11:17 AM
My friend Rachel, well her younger sister had to go to the hospital a couple of days ago. I'm not sure exactly what the symptoms were, I came in at the end of the conversation, and apparently no less than 10 nurses assumed she was pregnant without doing any further testing. Finally a doctor ran some tests and they found a kidney stone in the left kidney and a tumor over twice the size of a kidney on the right kidney. They removed the kidney and the tumor, and the biopsy came back malignant. Today they're discussing options for further treatment and what kind of cancer it is and so on and so forth. Please pray for her, for the doctors, and for the family.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


02-12-02, 06:34 PM
:wah: :angel: Father, We come to You in Jesus Name and ask for total healing for this lil lady. I ask a special Holy Spirit Blessing on the Medical people who are ministering to her. Bless also the intercessors. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to the entire family and friends. Lord Jesus, Come near and bless greatly. Agape. Grandpa.

02-12-02, 08:59 PM
Lord I stand in agreement. Let Your Spirit descend on this child with Your healing and wholeness. Let Your wisdom and strength be abundant with the caregivers and family members. Bring these lives into Your victory! in Jesus' name.

02-13-02, 07:30 AM
When the kidney was removed, so were all traces of the cancer. If there are no relapses for the next 5 years, she will be considered clean, and there's only a 20% chance of relapse given the circumstances. Praise God!

02-13-02, 06:24 PM
Thank You Lord for complete and total victory over this LIE of the devil! Halleluiah!!