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Breni Sue
02-12-02, 12:32 AM
I know this should probably go in "Praises", but I decided to post it here because, well, I'm the moderator and I can! :D

Andrew Clayton was born at 7:30pm this evening. 5 pounds, 6 ounces, 18 inches long. Sugar is a bit low, but otherwise he is doing great! I talked to my sister just a few minutes ago. She said that Amber (the oldest) is in love with him and held him the whole time she was there. But Abby is jealous and wants nothing to do with him - which is understandable since she is only 22 months old and does not really get what is going on! ;) And of course, my Dad is estatic that he finally has a grandson! :) She says she may bring him down Thursday so that we can see him. I can't wait! It will definitely be different having a baby boy in the family, but I am looking foward to spending time with him, and of course spoiling him rotten like all good Aunts do! :angel:

God bless ~ Bren

02-12-02, 10:42 AM

Flannel Avenger
02-12-02, 12:56 PM
Another Tyrant enters the world...

I wonder if he got the Tyrant gene...


02-12-02, 01:15 PM

Nieces and Nephews are a lot of fun to have.

02-12-02, 01:36 PM

I wouldn't mind having some nieces and nephews..I think I'll wait for my bro to get married first though :)

02-12-02, 03:10 PM
Deepest congratulations Kyrie, I have a new grandson Michael Andrew, who is almost 7 mos. The wee ones are so precious. May this precious one be such a blessing to each of your family. God bless.

02-12-02, 04:27 PM
congrats :)


02-12-02, 05:52 PM
aww babies are great. congrats!

02-12-02, 07:04 PM

Congrats: Hugs--Blessings--Smiles--Favors--Grace--Gifts-- and Much kindness and Gladness.

Agape. Grandpa. :) :D :biggrin:

Breni Sue
02-13-02, 02:25 AM

Sissy called me again today and said they had the little one on oxygen because he was having trouble breathing on his own (he was pre-mature) She was upset because they wouldn't let her hold him. They were suposed to take him off it tonight to see how he does. I had never heard of them doing this to premies, but I guess it is a common occurrence with babies that are born too early. If he is anything like his Mother he will be one tough little cookie! ;) Poor sissy, she will have her hands full with 3 running around, LOL! I may give her LeAnn's address in case she needs any pointers! :D

And Mr. Avenger, you have nothing to worry about... unless of course I wind up being a Mommy in the near future! ;)

02-13-02, 10:00 AM
Congrats on being an Aunt again! I'm happy for you about that, but now you have me worried about your sister and your new nephew! You better call me soon and let me know about how they are doing now though Bren! :(
I know that my cousin just had her second baby a few days ago, and she is a premature baby too. They had her in ICU even, but now she's at home and she's fine! I really am going to be praying your sister and new baby, that things will work out the same as they did with my cousin and her baby.
God Bless,

02-13-02, 10:09 AM

Its not uncommon for "early" babies to have a bit of lung problems from being "under-developed" I know it upsets your sister to not hold him. I wanted to kill the nurses that wouldn't let me hold Canaan (4 weeks early, kept in an incubator for warmth his first 3 days) All I wanted to do was hold him and all they wanted to do was keep him warm. (Like being curled up next to my body under 3 blankets wasn't going to keep him warm, can you tell I'm still aggrivated about that LOL)

Give her my e-mail if you want Lord knows I'm full of pointers especially with close sibling ages. LOL

From Gabby to Mikaela (14 months)
From Mikaela to Hannah (17 months)
(All 3 born in less than 3 years)
Almost 3 years between Hannah and Faith and 2 1/2 years between Faith and Canaan.

Biggest gap was from oldest to 2nd. 51/2 years from Zach to Gabby.

Congrats and Hugs on the new little one. Tell your sister I said, don't let the nurses run her life, be proactive. Drive them nuts asking questions they can answer then speak directly to the Doctor. I'm sure he will be fine and eventually Abby will love him too.

:) :)