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02-11-02, 11:52 AM
My name is Steve , and I'm 50 yrs. old. I am saved but have continued to drink in excess for over 30 years. I know what Jesus taught about drinking, and I'm trying to stop again, thus the need for prayer. I have to get off the fence, and I ask for your prayers and advice.

02-11-02, 12:15 PM
Father God we lift our precious brother up in our hearts and in our prayers. Dear Father pierce through the darkness of bondage and break asunder the chains of addiction, surround this precious one with Your awesome love, and cast out all spirits of addiction and bondage to alcohol. Fill him with Your Holy Spirit Father, lift him up, carry him through, and lead him upon Your pathways according to Your perfect will. Send Your ministering angels to support him, and lead him away from areas of temptation, that he might replace the opportunities of weakness with times of worship and communion with You. Draw this precious one ever nearer to You, and to Your glory, that he might declare with the blessed assurance, that "He which is in me is stronger than he which is in the world". In the name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

02-11-02, 12:37 PM
Father please help Steve to make a good decision for his life. Please help him to live free from alcohol and from other things that would destroy his body. Help him to know how to walk in victory in Christ. Thank You.

02-11-02, 06:25 PM
Father I praise You because You DIED for this sin, just like You died for my *****ette addiction. But when You looked at me, You didn't see the *****ette. You saw Your SON and the blood He shed for me. I don't smoke anymore and that's because You gave me the strength to let go and accept deliverance but there are plenty of other things in my life that I REALLY wouldn't want Jesus to hear and see. But then......You DO see and hear them, don't You. Does that mean You love me any less? Does that mean You throw me out of Your family because I fall short? (Paul says that we ALL fall short of the glory of God.) I hope not Lord because there darn sure wouldn't be ANYONE in heaven if that were the case. Draw Steve to Your Word and teach him what he needs to know! Set him free of this addiction and set his feet on Your path! Open his eyes and his heart to Your TRUTH. Bless him with a vision of what You want for his life and the lengths You went to so that he could have it! in Jesus' name.

You're covered by the blood of Jesus Steve. NOTHING can take that away from you. Get to know Jesus. Tell Him you want Him to be your best friend. Sit down and talk to Him. Let Him talk to you! SEEK HIM FIRST and let Him replace what is bad and hurtful and miserable with what is joyous! OUT GOD REIGNS!

02-11-02, 09:33 PM
:angel: Father, I ask in Jesus Name for Dunamis Power in Steve's life. Sanctify him and give the peace that passes all understanding. Lord Jesus, come near and empower steve with Heavenly Power to overcome all evil. Rebuke the devil out of this family. Agape. Grandpa.


Steve, I am asking the Lord to fill you with His Holy Spirit. This will give you more power in your life to overcome temptation and evil. May the Lord Bless you. Grandpa.:)