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02-11-02, 10:16 AM

Yesterday is done for,
Tomorrow no less near,
The sun arises on a brand new day,
Let us embrace it as precious and dear.

Each day a new beginning,
To seek and strive anew,
A great big world awaits us,
Moistioned with drops of dew.

Let us bow our head,
Giving thanks for this day,
That God has bestowed upon us,
That we may seek His way.

The day's alive with music,
The whistle of the wind,
The breath of life within our breast,
The song will never end.

'Hello dawn's sweet light',
Shimmering on our face,
Awakening the sleeping earth,
Showing God's sweet grace.

Drew Montgomery
February 24, 1998

02-11-02, 10:22 AM
That's really nice, man :)

02-11-02, 08:49 PM
that made me smile! :) i like it a lot!

Breni Sue
02-12-02, 02:31 AM
Welcome back, Drew! Beautiful poem! ;)

02-13-02, 12:35 PM
Sweet! :)