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02-11-02, 02:04 AM
Some of you may remember about M___ from the woman's bd or from previous prayer requests. She called me Friday night and said she needed to talk to the sister in Christ who runs the group home where she has been a couple of times. She called me because she can reach my cell phone toll free. The number she gave me had just a fax machine on it and I had to make a copule of calls to get a home number for the home director. She called and I called and neither of us could reach her and calls to the motel where she had been staying are not answered and she has not called back. Because of past abuse problems in several senses I am very concerned.

Father please be with M__ and help her and draw her back to Jesus. You know exactly where she is and exactly what it will take to help her. Please forgive me for not getting to the help she needed in time and for any mess up in phone numbers. Father please show me what to do if You have something more for me to do to help her. Thank You.

02-11-02, 08:14 PM
Dear Lord Jesus,
please be with M____, please let her know that You love her so deeply Lord, and that she has nothing to fear.
Lord i pray that You would guide her wherever she is, and keep her safe.
Father please give her Your Holy protection, and bless her abundently.
Oh Father, thankYou for blessing M___ with Ann. Lord i pray that You would please put Ann's mind at rest, for she is not in any way guilty of anything. Mankind is helpless without You Lord.
Father i pray that You would guide Ann to help M___ and whoever else will help M___ to run to You instead of away from everything.
ThankYou Father, please send Your Holy Spirit to this needy situation.
Lord, please as You always do, bring good, for Your Glory from this situation.
Oh i praise You for Your never failing love.

02-11-02, 08:25 PM
:wah: Father, Here is another missing person who may be in danger. I ask in Jesus Name for safety and Comfort for her. Bless and keep her safe by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Lord Jesus, You know where she is. Get her safely back to family and friends who care. Agape. Grandpa.

02-11-02, 08:44 PM
Lord, I stand in agreement. Hold this life in the hollow of Your loving hands and meet every need she has. Bless her with Your guidance and strength and lead her to the answers she needs. Assure Ann that You are able to "get the right number" and tell her not to beat herself up for something You may very well have wanted to help M______work through on her own. Your timing is perfect Lord and You never let us down! in Jesus' name!

Breni Sue
02-12-02, 01:53 AM
Father, I pray that you watch over M_ wherever she may be, and keep her under Your protection. She desperately needs to feel Your love right now. I ask that You bless Ann and reveal Your plan for her in this ordeal. Please reach out to M_ and help bring her out of the situation she in. May she receive Your Word and accept Your hand to guide her down the right path. Thank You Lord, for never giving up on Your children and for Your continued blessings. In Christ's name. Amen.