View Full Version : I Hope These Boards Reopen Soon...

Breni Sue
02-09-02, 12:04 PM
There's no one to talk to! :rofl:

I guess they're right, it is lonely at the top! ;)

02-09-02, 04:45 PM
Are you saying that power is no fun when there's no one to Tyrannize? ;)

Breni Sue
02-09-02, 07:20 PM
Isn't that the point? :biggrin:

Actually, it was fun for awhile, but now I am starting to miss everyone. At least we are open for business again! :)

02-09-02, 07:28 PM

Flannel Avenger
02-10-02, 01:03 PM
Ya'll Need Me!!!!


Breni Sue
02-10-02, 01:09 PM


02-10-02, 01:19 PM
I saw that coming from a mile away :rofl:

02-10-02, 08:54 PM
Me too, Vinnie... me too... *LOL*

02-11-02, 04:58 PM
Originally posted by Orpheus42
Are you saying that power is no fun when there's no one to Tyrannize? ;)

Unfortunately, that's how many see it.

02-11-02, 10:33 PM
tyranny is good.. if the tyrant's a Christian... :rofl:

02-12-02, 10:40 AM
Tyranny in ancient Athens was good. The Romans gave the word a negative meaning.

Flannel Avenger
02-12-02, 12:45 PM
The Romans did that with every word for a leader. That's why they had to come up with the title of "Ceasar".

02-13-02, 07:10 AM
Ceasar? What's that? :p

Flannel Avenger
02-13-02, 11:49 AM
I can spell it however I like :p

You've been in England too long where they misspell words all the time. They're almost as bad as butterfly!