View Full Version : prayers needed please

02-06-02, 06:17 PM
please pray for my friend Tom. he is having a tough time and well, God knows the rest.
he has requested that he be prayed for on thursday and friday evenings (which by the way is anything up to 8 hrs ahead of the usa).
please please pray for him. he really needs encouragement.
he is firm in the Lord, please pray for his faith to stay strong.

02-06-02, 08:13 PM
Lord, keep Tom rooted and grounded in Your Word. Show him the victory that surrounds this path You are walking with him. Show him Your outstretched hand and let him know that You will ALWAYS be right beside him. Let him feel Your presence and Your strength flowing in his heart. Take him to Your quiet place of praise and worship and sharing in preparation for the events that await him. Help him to stay focused on You and to refuse to settle for anything but the BEST You have prepared! in Jesus' name.

02-06-02, 11:24 PM
Father please minister to Tom. You know exactly what he needs and how he can the best receive it. Please help him to see YOu clearly in all that is happening to in and through him. Thank YOu.

02-10-02, 09:21 PM
:angel: Father, we do not know all of the facts in this situation, But You Do. Bless this person greatly. Bless the intercessor with the Peace that passes all understanding. All of this we ask in Jesus name. Agape. Grandpa.