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02-06-02, 02:37 AM
Father too many of us have gotten back to a business as usual mentality and are not seeking You the way that we (and that means me too) should be. Please forgive us. Please help us to humble ourselves and pray and seek You first and turn from all that does not please You in our lives and hearts. There is so much that is not a reflection of Christ even in Your people who are called by Your name. Please forgive us and please help us to change and be a whole lot more like Jesus. Help us please to be light and salt upon this earth. Please help us to so live and to so honor You that You can heal our land according to the conditions You have laid out in Your holy word. Please help us to be kind, to show love and righteousness and know that they don't contradict, please help us to be honest and be loyal and treat people the way You want for us to treat them. Please help us to be more concerned with being right with You than we are with being right in our own eyes or in the eyes of others. Please help us to live our the character of Jesus and be people whose lives make others hungry to know Jesus Christ as Savior and as Lord.

Father we know that we and that our country deserve Your judgement but still we ask for mercy. Father please.

This can apply to any country and if you are from a different country please apply the same scriptures to the place where you live and if you would please pray for the USA as well. Thank you.

princess leah
02-06-02, 02:15 PM
amen, lord.

02-06-02, 08:02 PM
Oh yes Lord! Draw us closer and closer and help us to seek You more deeply! in Jesus' name.