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princess leah
02-05-02, 10:31 PM
we do not have an easy job. i encourage everyone who reads this to please pray for us, that we have the wisdom, discernment, knowledge, compassion and whatever it takes to do the best we can. vinnie, pel, kyrie, multimom, heather, jason, lance, nicole, candice, zechy, ann, marilyn and pam, i just wanted to take a moment to pray for and encourage you guys. thanks for lettin me in.

Father, please put your hand firmly on this board and those of us that have been placed in charge of overseeing it. we can't stand in any endeavor without you here with us. i ask you, don't let those of us who have to deal with some hot stuff that's hard to make the right call on, get discouraged. we want this to be a place of love for you, worthy of the name given it. help us in keeping it as such, please, Lord. let the other moderators on this board know just how much i care about them, father. amen.

in His love,

02-05-02, 10:36 PM

02-06-02, 12:36 AM
even though i don't find being a mod really hard (that could be because i have a fairly tame forum) i know that the other mods have it kinda hard. Bless them Father, for they are trying to uphold your name, and bless the members of this forum. Give them level clear heads and warm hearts. In Jesus,amen.

02-06-02, 12:46 AM

02-06-02, 02:58 AM
AMEN! Your wisdom and Your grace Please Lord!
This is Your site, Your boards, please let all be done the way You want it done. Please let it glorify not vilify the name of Jesus. Father I ask You for special wisdom and protection at this time for Christian webhosts, ilovejesus.com, ilj and every associated business and ministry. Please help Lance and Pam to lead according to YOur perfect plan and please help us all to trust You to work through them, Thank YOu for ilj and for each one that you allow to post here.

02-06-02, 08:53 PM
Amen and Amen! Lord continue to shine the light of Your love and truth on this site and all who are part of this wonderful ILJ family. in Jesus' name.

02-07-02, 12:40 AM
Please Father help each mod and each admin to walk in YOur grace and in Your truth and to obey Your word, in Jesus name. Thank YOu.

02-07-02, 01:26 PM
:angel: Father, In Jesus Name, I lift up all who have anything to do with the Admin. prayer, Answer, Advise, Ect. Bless all with the Love of Jesus which only comes from the power of his shed blood. Fill all afresh with your Holy Spirit of Wisdom, Insight, and Understanding. Sanctify all and keep us safe. All of this we pray in Jesus Name. Agape. Grandpa.