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02-04-02, 07:54 AM
Father God, you have lead me to this place -- lacking in faces but full of heart.

Father, for the help and prayers they have given me, please rain down your blessings on Ann, Marilyn, Grandpa and especially Bishop Short. They are so generous with their spirit and so rarely share their needs. You, Father, know their needs -- reward them bountifully for the wonders and influence they have made in my life in the short time I have been blessed to read their words and feel their prayers.

There have been days when I could not have made it without re-reading their wisdom to be lead back to yours. Thank you for the gifts you have given these people to help me --

Tonight the request is not for me, but for an extra sprinkling of blessings in their lives, and all who seek here -- for without them, I would never have had the strength to hang on. Holy Father, please keep infusing that wisdom into Bishop.....he has given me more hope and lead me to see things in YOUR way that I have never seen before --

And lastly, I ask in Jesus name that you touch John's heart, continue to touch it as I see You already have -- call to him to seek You too.....

Glory to you Father, and thank you --


02-04-02, 06:49 PM
:angel: Father, Thank You so much for the intercessory words of this Christian person. We All need thee every hour, every day, Continuously. Bless this person who has interceeded for us. Give this person the Peace that passes all understanding. Lord Jesus Bless greatly, We pray. Agape. Grandpa.


Hello LVV: Just a short word. None of are needless. That is to say we all have our problems and too many times I 'suffer in silence' when I should be entreating others to lift me up to the Lord. Thanks-thanks. Grandpa :) :D :biggrin:

02-04-02, 08:38 PM
Thanks Lord, for Your AWESOME family! Halleluiah!!