View Full Version : Pray for My Job

02-03-02, 09:29 PM

Greetings in Christ's Name. Would appreciate if you could pray for and with me.......

I am given a project at work with a very tie deadline (22/02/02). Please pray that I am able to finish by the deadline.

Also, pray that relationship between my boss' inter-personal relationship and myself and my fellow colleague would improve.

Pray that I would be able to glorify GOD at my workplace and bring HIS word to my colleagues.

Thank you.


02-03-02, 09:54 PM
:angel: Father, In these rough times that we live in, Job stress is a very real thing. We ask in Jesus Name for the Peace that passes all understanding for this person. Bless the job that all dead lines will be met and the Peace that passes all understanding will reign supreme. Fill all with Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. Lord Jesus, Come close and bless greatly.

02-04-02, 01:41 AM
Father please give this child of YOurs the help that is needed to get the job done right and on time - even agead of time- and to live Jesus in the work place and see YOur peace and love pervail. Thank You.

02-04-02, 08:36 PM
Father, You know our hearts where our jobs are concerned. We want to do a good job and we want to get along with our bosses and co-workers. That's a tall order sometimes. I too, have tight deadlines this month and I'd like to add my work situation to Lee's. You know our hearts. You know what we want to accomplish. Help us Lord. Help us to keep You first and foremost in our thoughts; in how we deal with others. Help us to put ourselves in their places and try to understand where they're coming from - the pressures they're under. And help us to have the wisdom to deal with these situations successfully! Bless our efforts and hold us close! in Jesus' name.