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02-03-02, 09:30 AM
Hi all..

Has anyone ever heard of the Cruze Family? They were a popular Christian group in the early 80's. I am getting married in two and a half weeks and I need to get a copy of the cd or tape asap. I have them on album but that isn't as useful, plus the lyrics are gone and people need to learn the songs.

If anyone should happen to have any of their lyrics, I need ones for "Understanding Heart" and "Me and My house"

Thanks so much!

02-03-02, 08:18 PM
Hello Maria
I am no help on the music (I suppose you have already done a net search?) but just wanted to say it was good to see you on the boards. I've missed you. But I can see now why you have been busy. God bless you and your hubby to be and keep you both always in His will and in His love. :)

02-04-02, 02:45 AM
Thank you, Ann. I have missed you all but have been overwhelmed with wedding plans and life in general.

02-05-02, 02:58 AM
I don't get the problem. If you have the music on album, why do you need to buy a tape or CD? Surely you know 1 person who still has a phonograph player? It's easy to connect a phonograph to a tape recorder and just record it from the record onto a tape.

02-05-02, 03:04 AM
I think searching for an insert or something with the lyrics was also a part of the request.

02-12-02, 04:35 AM
Searching for the CD or tape was to make life easier by improving quality of sound and usability and also for the lyrics

02-12-02, 10:28 AM
If you're looking for an old vinyl you have on cassette or CD and you can't find it... there is a program out there (the Mac version is called "Pop stopper", I'm not sure about the windows version) that my high school choir director had that takes out a lot of the fuzz and pops from the vinyl, you can take that and record it onto your computer and then burn it onto CD if you have the capability. I wish I could help more with specifics, but that is one possibility.