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01-31-02, 01:39 PM
I was talking to a friend of mine about a book I read, entitled Hail, Holy Queen by Scott Hahn. Anyway, she mentioned a guy at school she was friends with who is Baptist who thinks Catholics worship Mary. She then told me that she told him Catholics do indeed worship Mary, but not as much as they worship Jesus. Then in complete shock, I explained that to worship means to deify, and unless she saw Mary as a goddess she did not worship her.

She got quite mad at me about imposing my beliefs on others, when in reality, I was trying to correct, in as nice a way as possible, a drastic misuse of words. I know she knows that Mary isn't equal with God, but she's only fueling this Baptist guy's misconceptions about Catholicism. When Catholics don't know what they believe, they only help to spread untruths about the Church.

Sorry, this is just something that really, really bothered me. I'm done rambling to you all now.

01-31-02, 02:54 PM

While I do think a lot of the Catholic Marian theology makes the lines between Mary and Jesus too fuzzy for my taste... I'm careful to always base what I think of people on their individual thoughts and beliefs, and not those of the group they affiliate themselves with. At least, that's what I TRY to do.

I understand your problem, though. Believe me, there have been times I've been in a discussion and I've wanted to smack the snot out of the other Christian(s) in the group. Fortunately self-restraint got the better of me.

We probably shouldn't discuss the issue about Marian theology here, though- wrong board ;)

01-31-02, 03:24 PM
Hello Liza
It can be totally frustrating when someone who in theory subscribes to the same beliefs you do expresses them in a way that seems so totally off to you and then comes down on you on top of it. (When is ilgwamh going to make us a smiley with gritted teeth)

Jason knowing what board when can be a hard call. If we talk about Christian beliefs on the ODD board we are not just talking to other Christians and risk getting clobbered by those who disagree if we post on a fellowship bd we're talking doctrine and apparently that is a nono. And next someone will probably get you for admitting violent tendencies :biggrin: or using the colloquial for nasal discharge. I guess we need a sigh face too.

01-31-02, 03:25 PM

Ann, you never fail to make my day.

And yes, I caught the serious element in that post as well. A little clarification as to what goes here vs. what has to go into ODD might be nice.

01-31-02, 05:57 PM
Thanks very much for understanding. I seriously feel better.


People at this message board are great.:cool:

02-05-02, 02:09 AM
I've often wondered where to discuss doctrine stuff. I mean, I really don't want to know where an atheist comes down on the deification of Mary issue.

02-05-02, 02:10 AM
The point has been raised in the mod forum :)

Flannel Avenger
02-05-02, 08:46 AM
I assumed that doctrinal discussion would be welcome in this forum. Since it's probably not a good idea for Christians to be arguing with one another for everybody to see.

02-05-02, 09:29 AM
Anyone can see this forum.

Flannel Avenger
02-05-02, 11:33 AM
But unbelievers do not frequent this forum. To put an argument between 2 believers in a place like the ODD forum would be hurtful to the credibility of Christianity. All I am saying is that if you wish to argue over theology, it shouldn't be done in front of those who already disagree. At best you give them more fodder against Christianity, at worst, you drive them farther away from God.

02-05-02, 06:19 PM
One of the joys of a site like ilj is being able to "talk" with people who share our concerns and our love for Jesus. A part of that for most Christians I know on and off net is talking about God's word, sharing insights, and discussing what God is showing us about walking out the Christian life in practical shoe leather. If we ban discussion of anything doctrinal or debatable from this board we will make ourselves poorer for the loss. We can learn from each other, grow, have opportunitiues to rethink and to give support from scripture and from other sources for our views all within the context of Christian fellowship. If we use this as a place to get into knock down drag out fights over doctrine etc. that would also be robing ourselves of much of the value of this site. The later even more so because we already have a "combat board". Maybe I'm incredibly optimistic but I really think that if we want to we can be honest with ourselves about what is reasonable discussion in the context of Christian fellowship and what ought to be on ODD (debate and discussion not particularly seeking a Christian viewpoint or Christian fellowship) and if we as participants can't manage that the mods have the option to move or to lock anything that gets out of hand and to make it and its authors all go away forever if it comes to that bad a state. Could we not allow those who post in good faith to determine if they want to "talk" mainly with other Christians in an atmosphere of fellowship or if they want a more open, more debate - y atmosphere, in much the same way as we allow posters to decide if they want to ask a question of someone in ministry or want to generally see what others think about something in deciding whether they want to post on ASK or on this board? With, of course, mods stepping in if things start to go haywire?

02-05-02, 08:40 PM
Ann- I would certainly hope so. :)