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01-29-02, 07:48 PM
Alrighty... one of my friends started an after school groupwhere Christians can go, and to talk about God, and pray and everything. We already have 2 groups like this, but it wasn't our thing (FCA, and Youth Alive) We called it OFFG (On Fire For God). Well, we meet once a week on Tuesdays after school for 45 minutes. It's in one of our favorite teacher's rooms, shes our sponsor and Christian. Everything was approved by the principal too. The first meeting we had, we started talking about speaking in tongues (most of us go to the same church and believe in that). The teacher went off, and told another teacher that we all just started speaking in tongues and everything. We know that this is true because the teacher she told came up and confronted my friend Tiffany about it, and so did my teacher. So now, she's trying to stop our little group from meeting, because of the tongues thing. Tiffany has to meet with the principal tomorrow, and probably even the administration board. This isn't fair whatsoever!!! Anybody have any links to websites displaying the laws of the separation of Church and State?? Or just any advice? Because we're not going to let this destroy our meetings!!! We would go to great lengths to keep this alive and going.

01-29-02, 08:28 PM
*pulls out spiffy little notebook with everything you need to know about campus clubs*

ok..let's see what we got here:

first, the Equal Access Act of 1984 says that schools cannot discriminate or censor clubs - that's a violation of student's free speech.

some basic points of the act:

the meeting must be voluntary and student-initiated
the school can only forbid it if they forbid all non-curriculum clubs
the school cannot sponser the club
Employees of the school can only be present in a non-participatory manner
the meeting cannot interefere with the education
non-school persons cannot direct or regularly attend the meetings

it goes on and talks about a little more - it would probably be good to try to find a copy of this act!

"Seperation of Church and State" doesn't even appear in the constitution. It was heard in one of Thomas Jefferson's speeches, 13 years after the constitution was law. There is a clause however, that says that the gov't can't endorse a religion.

for the equal access act to apply, your school must meet these standards:

it must be a secondary school (grades 9-12 usually)
must be gov't funded (public)
must allow other non-curriculum clubs to meet on campus

Here are a couple places you can get into contact with if you need more information:

The American Center for Law and Justice
Jay Alan Sekulow, Lead Counsel
PO Box 64429
Virginia Beach, VA 23467-4429
Phone: (752) 226-2486

Christan Legal Society
Center for Law and Religious Freedom
Steven McFarland, Director
4208 Evergreen Lane, Ste. 222
Annandale, VA 22003
Phone: (703) 642-1070

Try checking out this website for more info as well:


do a search for "Equal Access Act" and you should get lots of good information :)

now that I feel like Legal council - hope that helped! :)

01-30-02, 01:15 AM
O WOW! youdont know how much you have helped me!!! Thankyou so so so so so much!
God Bless

Breni Sue
01-30-02, 02:01 AM
As long as it is being held during non-school hours and being disruptive to the rest of the kids, I really don't see how they have any valid reason to prevent you from holding the meetings. And especially since the teacher lied about you all speaking in tongues when all you were doing was discussing it. (Although I don't see why that would be a reason for stopping the meetings either, as long it is not interfering with anyone else in the building)

BTW, the teacher who witnessed this - Is this the same one who is sponsoring you or is trying to stop this? I was just wondering 'cause you were talking about 2 teachers there and it got me all mixed up, LOL! :)

I will be praying for you guys!

01-30-02, 06:15 PM
The same teacher who's room it's in, is trying to get us shut down. Its really screwy. But, I told my friends about those laws, and so when they meet with the principal they're going to bring that up! Yea, its after school for about 45 min, and everyone who is there, CHOOSES to be there. Thankyou for your prayers too!