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01-29-02, 06:40 PM
i have another prayer request. my pastor had gall bladder surgery yesterday(monday) and while they were in there, they did some exploratory surgery. they found lymphoma. i was a work and a friend of mine came in and told me. oh, goodness, i started tearing up right then(i've been a bit emotional lately). she told me that she ran into a friend of hers whose mom works at the hospital. and she said that it was spread around pretty bad and he had up to a year left to live. but, i didn't have concrete proof so i called the church. the woman there said that he was going under more tests because they don't know how extensive it is yet and there are so many cures, it's treatable,etc. i know she's told to play it down so we don't get all riled up about it and all. but i honestly don't know what to believe on how bad it is. but i know that lymphoma is a bad kind of cancer, if it gets into your bloodstream. but God can do miricles. please pray for him and his family and for all of us who love him. thank you.

01-29-02, 10:38 PM
:angel: Father, We ask for healing for Pastor Bell. Bless the medical people who are ministering to him. Bless the intercessor. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to all. Lord Jesus come close and bless greatly. Agape. Grandpa.:)

01-29-02, 11:02 PM
they did his blood work, there's none in there, yay! so that means it is treatable!

i also want to thank all of you for your prayers for all of the prayer requests. and i just want to add real quick that even though i don't usually post my prayers, i do pray for you all.

<>< again, thank you all <><

01-30-02, 04:57 AM
Fahter, I lift up Pastor Bob tonite knowing that Your grace is sufficient for all kinds of miracles, Lord. I pray for the family, friends, and congregation durin gthis hard time, Father, and I pray tha tthye would hav the strength to see Your will and let You go through with it, Fahter, soi that the best outcome may happen. I pray that the surrounding community of Pastor Bob would be willing to do whatever it takes to bless him, Lord, and to be used by Your will. I thank You for raising up people to pray for him ,Lord, and I know tha tour praers are not unanswered. I thank You for that as wlel, Lord Jesus. thank You Father, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


01-30-02, 06:24 PM
You knew all along Lord and You had already provided an answer. We thank You for that answer and for a time of renewal and restoration for this man. Bless him, his family and his congregation in a mighty way. in Jesus' name.

02-04-02, 01:10 AM
i just had to add this real quick. one of my sunday school teachers is the one who gave him peanuts that made him sick and go to the hospital to find out he had to have gall bladder surgery, in turn finding the cancer in time(we're praying!),oh, God has a great sense of humor. :)

02-04-02, 01:39 AM
Father please help this pastor experience all that Your word means when it says we are healed by Jesus stripes. Please be with him and his family nad help them keep their eyes on You and on the finished work of Jesus Christ. Thank You.