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01-29-02, 04:07 AM
This one's for my friend "Amanda". She told me today that she needs to get out of her apartment b/c her roommates are seriously into drugs. Amanda told them when she moved in that it would be okay if they kept it low and in the back closet, but they have since then gotten very serious with it and made it unbearable for her. She's dropped all the hints she wants to and she's even willing to move into the dorms, even though it's the second week of the semester. Pray firstoff that she'd come to know God through the actions of those of us around her and also that she would have favor in this situation, both with the residential life department and her roommates.

Father, I know Amanda's very close to you, Lord, and that she's needing You more than anything, Lord Jesus. I pray that Amanda would come about and know al that You have for her, Lord Jesus, and also that she'd have Your hand in getting out of that situation, Father. Thank You, Lord, and descend upon her with Your blessings, Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


01-29-02, 04:31 AM
Father pleaase help Amanda in this mess. Please get her out of this living situation before things get worse or something bad happens. And most of all please help her open her eyes and her heart to Jesus Christ. Thank You.

01-29-02, 06:34 PM
Yes Lord! Let the light of Your Truth shine in this heart and draw her to Your path! in Jesus' name.

01-29-02, 10:33 PM
:angel: Father, Here is a situation that really confuses me and I do not know what to ask for. I will try. Lord Jesus, Get Amanda out of this Horrible situation. Pour Dunamis Power on the entire problem, until it is totally solved. Keep Amanda safe and secure. Bless the intercessor. Agape. Grandpa.