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01-29-02, 12:14 AM
Durango's recent post brought this back to my memory, shortly after i was baptized i was working for a big drug co. in memphis tn. and the warehouse was huge and often time's when they opened the door's bird's would mistakenly come in, but usually would find there way back out.

At that time, being a young christian i was going through a major transformation and realy struggling to get my life lined up. As i was moving around the warehouse one day i noticed a bird flying around with something big hanging on his feet, so i followed him around till i could see what it was, and turned out being one of those big glu traps, and he could not move his leg's and with the extra weight he ran out of flying energy and could not get out .

The very next morning, i went looking for him and he was mainly staying on the ground, but able to fly in short spurt's and i exausted myself off and on all day trying to catch him with no success. Day 3 and he was very week, no food and no water but still would not let me get near him. I tried everything i could come up with, felt so sorry for him and the sad part of the story is , i was trying to save him, and i knew if he would let me catch him, i could pull it off.

Day 4, he escaped me to his death! At that time i was struggling with a lot of thing's that my consciece was telling me was neccesary in order for God to save me, but my flesh was telling me to run from my conscience, and i truly believe got put this situation in front of me to show me how foolish i looked running from life!!I guess the moral of the story is: we dont know how to save ourselve's( salvation belongs to the lord and we must let it work in us)

Breni Sue
01-29-02, 01:36 AM
This could also be applied to those who are unsaved and "running from God". He is calling for them, trying to help, but instead they die running from Him and trying to find their own way to salvation.

But I can see how it would apply to this situation as well. I admit that I am sometimes guilty of "running away", and trying solve my problems on my own rather than listening to the Lord and letting Him help me to take care of it. Because only He knows what is best. :)