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01-28-02, 07:32 PM
I don't really know what to say... so here's the link.


Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


01-28-02, 11:50 PM
Father, I don't even know what to pray in times like these - there are so many things I want to pray and I don't even know where to start. Show Lauren her need to have a relationship with You that is her own..that is not based on friends or family or anything else, but that is based soley in You. Show her how to live for You - and to put aside the cares of this world. Show her the joy of knowing and loving and living for you. I love her Lord, and I want to see her grow in You. Do whatever it takes to draw her closer to You. May this be my continual prayer for her..

01-29-02, 12:56 AM
Father please help Laury to be able to see YOU in all of this and to remember that You love her and all her family. Please help her grandmother and ease her pain in Jesus name. Thank You.

Breni Sue
01-29-02, 02:57 AM
Bless this dear child, Father. Let her feel Your presence and to know that You love her and will never give up on her. Be with this family and comfort them during this time. Strengthen them as only You can. Bless her grandmother as well, that she may find peace in You. In Jesus' name. Amen.

01-29-02, 06:32 PM
Touch these dear ones with Your comfort, Your wisdom and Your strength Lord! They need Your assurance SO much. Hold them in Your loving arms and grant them Your insight into this path they are walking. Lead them and guide them, in Jesus' name.

01-29-02, 10:09 PM
:angel: Father, Here is another situation that really needs Jesus Power. I do not know really what to ask for. Father, You know what the deal is all around. Bless these people and keep them safe. Give Healing by the power of Jesus. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to all involved. Agape. Grandpa.:)

01-30-02, 04:52 AM
Lord, I know You have Laury tight in Your grip, Father, and I know she's not gonna fall without You catching her. I pray that her eyes would be opened up so that she might giove thanks and glorify You, Lord. I thank You for all that You have done in her life, Lord, and I [rayu as well that these blessings would continue, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


02-03-02, 07:55 PM
Father please help Laury know that we have not stopped praying for her and You have not stopped listening and caring very very much about her and her family. Please help her understand that in a way she's grieving in advance and that this is a natural thing to do. And please comfort her and let her rememebr Your word and know how very much You love her not just if she does the right things or says the right words but because You Yourself are love. Thank You.