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01-28-02, 03:19 PM
Father please bless the people at World Outreach Center where we visited this weekend and help them always stay focused on Jesus Christ. Thank You for Your love in them and through them. You know the goals they've set, please help them reach beyond them once again and into Your abundance. We want to stand in agreement with them in these things, not only for the things discussed on Friday but all the goals they have set for reaching out to You and in You. Thank You.

01-28-02, 07:23 PM
Lord, bless those who are so willing to believe and share You with others through this ministry. Continue to meet every need and keep them close that they might stay focused on Your Word and Your voice. I stand with them in believing for Your BEST for them and through them to others! in Jesus' name.

01-29-02, 09:58 PM
:angel: Father, Missions and the spread of the Gospel are so important and necessary. Bless us ALL that we ALL may be telling about Jesus and His coming again. Agape. Grandpa.

01-30-02, 04:49 AM
Father, thank You for this ministry You have put you in whatever it's doing, Lord. I pray that the people running this endeavour would keep You in perspective, lord, and remember that Your way is the only wya, Lord, all the time and everywhere. Thank You for doing everything You have, Lord, and as well for everything You have yet to do. Amen.