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01-27-02, 05:20 PM
A girl, my age, that attends my church was diagnosed with Lyme Disease a few years ago. In the past 10months her conditioned has steadily deteriorated. She can't walk, and is just recently beginning. She's a very good friend, and I know how much she loves God, and I just ask that you guys pray for her as much as you can.

01-27-02, 05:39 PM
Father this young lady needs a miracle. We know You specialize in miracles and to You they are a 100% normal way to show Your love. Please help her body experience the healing Jesus bought for her by the blows He allowed to be inflicted upon Him whether or not her mind can fully understand. Please reverse the deterioration of this aliment and make her whole again. Thank You.

01-27-02, 09:13 PM
Yes Lord! Let Your Spirit flood her entire being with Your healing and wholeness. Restore her health and bless her with a mighty testimony of Your faithfulness to Your children! in Jesus' name.

01-27-02, 10:42 PM
:angel: Father, Here is another one of your children that needs perfect healing. Bless her with the Peace that passes all understanding. Bless the intercessor. Father, you know that this computer is anointed with oil which represents Your Holy Spirit. We claim healing in the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son. Lord Jesus, come close and bless greatly. Agape. Grandpa.:)

01-28-02, 05:18 AM
Father, I pray that You would show Your love upon dawn, Lord, so that she might seen Your beauty and not hold a grudge, Lord. Whatever happens, Father, make her burden lgiht, lord Jesus, and I thnka You for doing so much, Father, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.