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01-26-02, 10:36 AM
I would like to ask that all members pray for favor.

My husband and I sold our residence and moved to another town to work at a church. The house we are living in was on a lease purchase contingency. Now that our house has sold we are trying to get the appropraite financing for this house.

We are haveing alot of problems with the mortgage company. As of this point they have refused our loan based on some items that have more than acceptable explainations.

My husband is supposed to speak with the people in underwriting on Monday and provide them with this information and hopefully they will reconsider.

Please pray great prayers of faith because if we don't have favor with this man, we and our 6 children will effectively be homeless. This is very stressful for us because we are also dealing with removing some out of order members from our church and do not want to burden our pastor with this since he is already dealing with alot.

We have been set in attack from the enemy and we need your prayer support.

In Him,

01-26-02, 02:27 PM
Father, You already know of this need. And we believe that You have already made provision for it. Continue to lead and guide this dear family in the way You want them to go. You'll never leave us empty Lord and we thank You for Your promises. Help them to stay focused and centered on You and to continue to seek You first in all things. Bless them with Your assurance that You have everything under control! in Jesus' mighty name!

01-26-02, 06:50 PM
:angel: "8" Father, Rebuke the devil out of this situation. Bless all of the financial people with Wisdom and Understanding and Insight. Grant that this home sale will go through. Give a special blessing to the Church that all will be smoothed out. Bless Mom as she ministers to the hurting. Agape. Grandpa. :)

01-26-02, 11:55 PM
Father please take care of LeAnn and her family. Thank You that You know their every need and that You love and care for them. Please work it out for them to have this house unless You have a far m0ore perfect choice for them.. Please minister Your peace to them and remind them that they have a loving Father who will supply every need not just according to the mortgage company or the home owner but acording to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Help them - all of them even the little ones - to keep their minds stayed on YOu so they can have Your perfect peace. You know we humans often need Your help on that matter of keeping our mind and our attention of the wind and waves and on Your word. Please continue to bless them, comfort and strengthen and take out the ouch places in the name of Jesus.

01-27-02, 05:22 AM
Father, I pray for Mrs Leann, Lord, knowing exactly how much You love her, Lord. I thank You so much that she has given her children such an upbringing, Lord, and that her family has been built upon a firm foundation. Lord, I know this is only a test and You will shine through no matter what. Lord, bless the gentlemen who run the mortgage company, as well as all those directly involved in this situation. Lord, wahtever it is they need, Lord, bless them with receiving it, Father. Be our strength and our deliverer, Lord, as we put our trust in You alone, Lord, and all these things I ask in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


Breni Sue
01-27-02, 12:07 PM
Lord, as You can tell, LeAnn is very much loved by us and has obviously touched many people's lives. I stand in agreement with my fellow brothers and sisters here. Bless this precious family and and help them to lay their burdens on You through his uncertain time. We trust in You and know that You will always work to meet the needs of Your children, that we will never be lacking as long as we have You. In Christ's name!

01-28-02, 12:25 PM
Father I just want to lift this up to You once more and thank You for Your answer. Please bless LeAnn and her family beyond all that they could ask or think and keep them in Your peace. Thank You.