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01-25-02, 11:00 PM
I have some questions for us all. Do we really groan in earnest to be in our new Heavenly bodies? Do we really long for the day when we can cast in these robes of flesh? Would the way in which we live our lives agree with our previous answers? It's easy to say "YES" to the first two questions. However, if you're honest, you just might have no choice but to answer "No" to the last question. Does being ready mean that we need to act like those Muslim terrorists and look for opportunities to die for the God we serve? We all know that answer is "NO!" The truth is that it's much harder to live for Christ than to try and pick some way to die for Him. I think that it's interesting that when you look at the lives of all of the great leaders of the Bible, they may have gone into harms way but they went with life and sharing the message of the living God. In fact, the death of Samson is the only example that the Bible gives of a believer that had so very much wasted his life for God that only his death was available to be used by God. So, where does that leave us? In the myriad of examples that the Bible gives of those that died serving God, there is only one like Samson. All the other examples of people like John the Baptist, Stephen, Paul, and others make it emphatically clear that God would have us to be like these fellows. Christ could have had more angels than all the men in the world could ever count come and slay every evil soul at Calvary. Yet, like John, and unlike Samson, He lived righteously unto His death. At the heart of Islam is the nurturing of a crazed, "I'll die for that," mentality. Christianity, conversely, says, "Have life abundantly through Christ Jesus who is one with the Father!" The 9-11 attacks have given us a clear example of what lives not focused on living for God do. They bring destruction. Now, you don't have to haul off and kill thousands of people to bring the destruction of an ungodly life. In fact, no one has to die at all. Nevertheless, bad things will happen as a direct result of our sin. We can live through Christ and have lives that are full of His Power, His Freedom, and His Vision. We can also live lives of self-serving love that will ultimately leave us like Samson: Weak, Burdened and Shackled, and Blinded to all of the Beauty that God would have of us. Samson's life shows that even if you're on God's team, if you want to cohort with the Devil's crowd and live like the Devil's crowd, your affiliation won't help you but so much. Your end will be the destruction of other's lives. Totally opposite to Samson was Christ. In Christ's life, and in His death, dead people came back to life! Friends, all of the examples that God gives us are, on one side of the coin or the other, emphasize living a Godly life which was perfectly shown by Christ. How did Christ return? He showed Himself again to man in the same type of Glorified Body that we will all have.
Why all those good examples and one bad? Well, we need a warning of what can and does happen when you don't live for God. Secondly, if you're busy making forward progress in the Lord then you don't need to hear all that much about the plight of those that are not. The Bible is given to us with the preconceived notion that we will grow and make that forward progress in the Lord. So, Christian, it's important that we keep growing in the Word of God so that we don't become that one bad one of the bunch that brings destruction. This can be seen all the way back to Adam and Eve. It only takes a little sin to ruin all the good in the world. Like I said, no one need die. Still, the lives of others are effected by us in all that we do. If we serve ourselves, we WILL begin to cast destruction onto others. So, let's think about what we do and why and who for. Finally, let's do right.

Share Christ and Live,

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thank you ISDAMan! i always love your weelkly posts. and this is the perfect foum for them! thank you for continueing to share!

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Thank You So Very Much!

I think here and the Teen area is where I'll be for now on.

God's Blessings To You Sister!!!

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