View Full Version : My sissy need prayer!

Breni Sue
01-25-02, 04:36 AM
I found out tonight that my sister who is pregnant is in the hospital. She has been having cramps and I guess she began having contractions this evening. They took her to the emergency room because it is too soon for her to be delivering just yet. They have her and the baby on monitors right now and they are going to try and stop the contractions should they get serious. This is all I know as of yet. I should hopefully know more tomorrow, but if you would all please pray for her now, I know she would like that.

01-25-02, 06:38 PM
Watch over this momma and her precious child Lord. Stretch out Your hand over them and keep them both safe and protected! in Jesus' name.

01-25-02, 09:55 PM
:angel: :angel: Father, Bless this new Mom and Baby with comfort and ease. Bless the Medical people who are ministering to them. Bless the intercessor. Grant that all will be well and healthy soon. Agape. Grandpa.

01-27-02, 12:49 AM
Father please protect Bren's sister and her baby. Please give wisdom to the medical folks so they know what is best for both of them. And please work in her husband too to draw him to Jesus and to help him value his wife and children. Thank You.

01-27-02, 06:16 AM
Father, I uplift Kyrie's sister tonite, Father, knowing that Your loving arms are wrapped clear around her and her child as well, Father. I pray that You would bless that child in all You do, Lord, knowing deep inside that You have everything under control, father, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


Breni Sue
01-27-02, 01:46 PM
My sister was released, but had to go back last night because she began contracting again. She is out now but she has to take medication every 6 hours to keep the contractions down. It makes her very shaky and moody, she does not know how long they will be having her on it. In the meantime, she is ordered to restrict her movement and not do any excessive walking. Which will be a challenge with a 4 year-old and 22 month-old in the house, but the daycare will hopefully be helping her with that while her husband is at work. If she begins contracting again, they may place her in the hospital and keep her there until she is ready for delivery, which is 5 weeks away and is something she definitely does not want.

Thank You Lord for watching out for her, and I pray that You continue doing everything possible to keep her and this baby safe!

And thank you folks, for your thoughts and prayers! :)