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01-24-02, 01:46 PM
Hi Everyone,
I have an urgent prayer request.

My cousin, who I grew up with, just found out that her husband may have been sexually abusing their children. She has them in therapy right now and the 41/2yr. old boy is showing alot of the classic signs of being abused. He wont talk and wets the bed. The 8yr old girl is very secretive and hides things alot. My cousin is taking both kids to the therapist tomorrow and needs them to open up and get things out in the open. Please pray that the therapist can come to a accurate conclusion and that the truth comes out, whatever it may be.
She also has a court appearance on Monday and the therapists findings will then be presented. My cousin currently has a restraining order against her husband and he has already violated it, just within a few hours of him being served. That is what the court appearance is for, to see if the judge finds enough evidence to uphold the restraining order. Please pray that this man will NOT be allowed to spend time alone with those kids.
My cousin also has found out alot of things about her husband that he has been hiding. Including that he has been with a prostitute and may have a child with her.
There is alot more going on and they all need serious prayer. Please pray as you feel led by the Holy Spirit. He knows what needs to happen and what the needs are.

Thanks a bunch.


01-24-02, 03:50 PM
Father, I don't even know what to pray. Please be with these children. Heal them completely of any affects this abuse has had. Be with the wife - give her the strength and courage to handle any situation that may arise. Place people in her path to encourage and support her.

01-24-02, 06:53 PM
Father, You know the truth! Touch every life concerned with a good dose of Your Spirit that all might be protected from any abusive behavior. Lead the lost to Calvary to partake of Your awesome redemption. Let Your light shine on the situation that the truth might outshine the darkness. Have thine own perfect way in these lives and be in total control! in Jesus' name.

01-24-02, 08:12 PM
:angel: :angel: Father, as has already been lifted up--You know the Truth of this matter. Here are children who cannot help themselves. Grant that the Peace that passes all understanding will fill all who have been hurt. Keep all safe and secure. Agape. Grandpa.

01-27-02, 01:26 AM
Help Father! Please protect these little ones! They and their mama need Your help a lot. Their dad does too. Please let Your truth prevail and nothing but Your truth. We bind every lying and decieving spirit now in Jesus name and tell them to be quiet. We bing every spirit of perversion and of prostitution in the name of Jesus. You shall have no more effect upon this family. Father I don't know if Anne's cousin knows Jesus as her Savior buit if not please help her to listen and respond as Anne or whoever You choose shares Him and His love and grace with her. Please bring healing to these little ones. Please cause the judge to see Your truth. Please provide Your safety for this family and all concerned with them. Thank You.

01-27-02, 06:40 AM
Lord, I know You're on the sid eof all righteousness, Lord, and so I know You're after helping Anne's cousins, Lord. I pray for their deliverence from this burden, Lord, since it's no easy thing, Father. I pray that You'd be holding tightly while You carry these children through the darkness. Thank You Jesus for being with these children night and day and having Your angels wait on them hand and foot, Lord. Shower Your blessings upon them, Father, and let all evil stay away from them, O LOrd, and I pray for a change of heart in their father, in Jesus' name i pray, amen.