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01-24-02, 11:16 AM
Hi everyone. Could you please pray for my family. My husband just called and announced that his company will be closed in 3 weeks. We have 5 children and a 6th on the way. We have been trying to save up enough money to move from CT to VA and we are so close to being able to do so. I know God will provide something in the intrum. I don't want to have to live off of what we have been planning on to move with. I know God is faithful and he will supply all of our needs and that His timeing is perfect. If you could just remember us in your prayers I would feel much better knowing that we have others praying with us. Thanks everyone - you are all so wonderful.

01-24-02, 02:45 PM
Father, please guide and direct this family as they are moving to VA. You are the provider of all their needs. Lead and direct them towards the right job, a church home, and everything else they need. Fill them up with Your spirit. There may be days when life just seems extremely stressful, give them an extra assurance of Your love and mercy on those days.

01-24-02, 05:49 PM
Father, You know these needs and these hearts. Provide for every situation. Let them feel Your strength and assurance washing over them. Guide them and keep their feet on the path You have chosen. Let this mom rest easy that You already have her special family taken care of! in Jesus' name.

01-24-02, 07:22 PM
:angel: Father, Here is another family situation that needs Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Compasion. We know that You own the Cattle on a thousand hills and the earth is Yours and the fullness thereof. Out of Your Bounty, shower this family with what they need to get moved and settled in where there is a good job. Bless them and keep them. Agape. Grandpa.

01-27-02, 12:10 AM
Father thank You for caring about this family. Please give the dad an excellent well paying job in the place You want them to be. Please help them to stay focused on You and on Your love for them and have the peace that passes understanding. Please give them wisdom in every decision. Thank You.

01-27-02, 05:27 AM
Father, I pray that You would bless livingforHim and all her family, Lord, knowing exactly what needs to be done is beyond my knowledge and control. Father, I lift her up to you that You might give her and her family the strength to get through this trial, Lord. I pray that livingforHim would just bless Your name and rock Your world, Lord, as You have for her, Lord, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.