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01-24-02, 02:16 AM
Father please let all that is said and done on these boards be to glorify Your name. Let them be dedicated to You and to Your glory and Your honor. Please guide every decision and every choice by Your own Holy Spirit. Please help us all to keep You foremost in our minds and in our actions. Please bless each one who posts, correct as necessary we all need Your correction sometimes, guide and protect. Let nothing be done that would dishonor You.

Please give strength, courage and wisdom to the moderators and administrators. Help what they do and the way they do it to be a ministry to You and not a strain and problem or a self gratification. Please bless each one in their lives apart from the boards too. Please met their needs and give them rest and peace, wisdom and guidance and help each one see You and put You first and foremost in their lives and all their choices. Please protect each one from all attacks and from all words that are spoken deliberateluy or otherwise as a curse or to sow anything but the life of Jesus in their lives.

Please minister to Lance and Pam and to everyone in their family. Please give them grace and wisdom, protection, understanding, health, and strength and help them each one konow how very much You love them. Thank You.

01-24-02, 04:38 AM
Father, thank You for the band of people whom You have placed here to govern this area, Lord. I pray for the upkeep of the temple, Lord, and that we'd do whatever it takes to make it a true temple to the Lord, not a temple to religion or a temple to what we want in a God, Father. Lord, You're not what we want, and I thank You so much. Lord, You're what we need. thank You for doing all that we can never repay, Lord. Listen to our hearts and accept our praiesse as repayment for al l You have done. No, Lord, I know w ecan never prayise You enough, but I'm willing to test the weight of that statement, Lord. Help us all to want to do that, Lord, for it's what You taught us. Thank You Jesus for so much that I can't even name, Lord, and I pray that I may shine through thtis board, Lord Jesus, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


01-24-02, 01:18 PM

01-24-02, 03:19 PM
Amen! Thank-you Lord for Ann for always steering us on the right path. :)

01-24-02, 06:36 PM
:angel: Father, I come in Jesus Name--Bless all who participate in this ministry. Fill all with Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom, Insight, and Understanding. Grant that the Love of Jesus will show through us to the Least, The Lost, the Last, The Hurting, and all who need intercessory prayer. We will always be careful to give praise to Jesus, our Lord and Savior and King who is coming again soon. Agape. Grandpa.:) :D :biggrin: