View Full Version : Finding a job

Innocent Angel
01-23-02, 07:10 PM
Dear Lord,
Please help me with my ongoing job hunt. With all the resume's and Applications i have presented, please help me find a job that will fit with my school schedule, and help my financial problems.
Please pray for my mom and that she will wisen up soon, because her selfishness is hurting my brothers life. Please help her with any money matters that she may be going through, and teach her how to manage money more practically.
Please pray for my dad lord, that he will always remain happy, and that he wont be hurt by the things i say somtimes, out of frustration and that he realizes my love for him as im sure he does. Thank you lord for all my blessings, having a loving father, a home, food, and loved ones around me. Thank you lord for giving me the knowledge i have been blessed with to live life more harmoniously. Help me lord to maintain balance as i continue with lifes struggles, and continue to guide me in the direction that you have planned for my life. Bless and take care of my family, and everyone in the world. In Jesus name i pray. Amen:angel:

01-23-02, 08:18 PM
You know this need Lord! You know our Angel and the desires of her heart. Bless her with more and more of Your wisdom to walk the path You have chosen. Bless her family with Your presence and intervention. Lead them to the cross to seek Your Truth. Open hearts and eyes to the wondrous gifts You have made available. Send Your victory and peace to these hearts, in Jesus' name.

01-23-02, 11:57 PM
:angel: Father, In these rough times that we live in, We ask in Jesus Name for a job for Mizz Angel. We know of Your riches father and we ask for this job from Your Bounty. Bless the family with the Peace that passes all understanding. Lord Jesus, Love them all greatly. Agape. Grandpa.

01-24-02, 05:29 AM
Almighty Father and Creator, I lift Angel up to you, Lord, knowing that her situation is nothing too big for You to handle. Lord, you created everythihng and nothing is poresent today apart from You, Lord. I pray for those who need You and Your grace like Angel, Lord, and for Angel as well I pray that Your blessings would fall all aroum Lord. I thank You for doing all that You havepromised us You would, Lord, and so I know that You'll do everything else You promised, too. thank You, Father, for blessing us with Your grace m mercy a nd presence. Fahter, to You I give all glory Honor and praise, and I give all these thingsto You in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.