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01-23-02, 03:27 AM
Well, my friend Joey's in a weird situation. He's called to be a pastor but his main problem is his mother. Joey's 19, about to be 20, but his mom has yet to "cut the cord". He's told me tonight that she doesn't want him to be a pastor although he's called, and she thinks he's not enjoying his youth enough and he can be a pastor when he's 50. She even thinks he's going to have a wife and kids and no money if he goes into pastorship now. I've seen my own cousin do the same thing with me, it's a problem with understanding self-sacrifice.

Joey's mom keeps him on a leash, it seems. he goes to college an hour or two away and must call her everyday for at least half an hour. Joey has told me that his brother isn't as close to the family as he could be and so Joey's "all she has left." When Joey's at home, he has a bedtime. Several times I've been talking to him late at night and he has come to me with a problem, but he sorta itches to get offline sometimes when we're talking b/c he's afraid his mom will walk in and find him disobeying her rule.

I've confronted Joey about alot of this stuff and told him all I've been led to say, and tonite was the first time ever he hung up on me while we were talking w/o me blessing his departure. I made a promise to God I wouldn't let him go to bed unhappy so far as I could control and, well, I told him that if he was going he'd have to hang up on me b/c i wasn't blessing his lukewarm departure.

Pray for Joey tonite that he might be strengthened to where he can deal with his own mother, and to where he'd put God first no matter what. Pray as well for his mother that she might learn to let go and let God. Thanks so much.


01-23-02, 08:21 PM
Yes Lord! Touch these lives with Your truth and Your guidance. Open these hearts to Your Word and show them how to be good stewards with the blessings You have bestowed on their lives. Minister to every need and draw them closer to You, in Jesus' name.

01-23-02, 11:46 PM
:angel:Father, Here is another family situation that needs some Dunamis power poured all over it. Bless all that they will see the Love of Jesus in it. Lord Jesus, take control of Joey's call and grant that he will walk in the Way that You want, and not the way of others. Bless the family and the intercessor who cares. Agape. Grandpa. :)