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Breni Sue
01-23-02, 03:11 AM
My 14 year-old feline KC is sick. She has lost 1/3 of her body weight in less than a year - which according to the vet is a lot. My Mom noticed her last week sometime sneezing and just laying around with no appetite. I took her in this morning, and the vet says he is concerned that it may be more than just a cold. It may be due to the fact that at 14 - she is simply an old kitty. She was a bit dehydrated and having a hard time breathing. I let them keep her a for a day or 2 so they can feed her through injections to rehydrate her and strenghten her, and to treat what he diagnosed as a respiratory infection. I also let them do some blood work on her to see if it might be more that just that. He says it may be nothing, but just in case. He was trying to prepare me for the worst, but I still want to know either way.

KC was my 15th birthday present. She has always been on the "feisty" side, but has always been my constant companion. She helped me through my difficult teenage years, and just by being there, has helped me through many a depressive period. Whenever I go to Mom's on the weekends, she is right there sitting on my lap and purring. To us, she is like a member of the family.

There have been a few times in the past where I thought I had lost her. But she is a tough old feline and has survived through many ordeals. I know that realistically, I will have to say good-bye someday. But I am still a little worried and scared to call the vet in the morning to see what they found out. I have had her for about 1/2 of my life now, and it will be very strange when the day comes that she is not around anymore. :wah:

Please excuse my rambling, but I guess I had to get this out of me.

01-23-02, 03:15 AM
*hugs* i love you.. it'll all be ok

01-23-02, 04:08 AM
it almost sounds like kidney failure. several cats around me have had that.

it is hard when animals get sick and age. it's even harder when people say, oh, it's just an animal.

my suggestion would be to take some pictures of her now, with you and family members. it's nice to have good pictures to look back upon.

don't worry too much; it'll all be okay.

01-23-02, 07:24 AM

Breni Sue
01-24-02, 01:58 AM
Trixiepup, that was what the vet said too (about kidney failure). I got a message on my machine tonight when I got home. He says that so far things are looking alright. She is eating, but they still have her on IV. Most of the blood work has come back and as of right now all the major stuff has been ruled out, but he is waiting for the rest to come back before he releases her with a clean bill of health. We are not completely out of the woods just yet, but things are looking up for her. I guess I should not doubt my kitty's strength!

Me ~~> :)

(edited because I originally put "Tricia" instead of of "Trixiepup". Hey, they both start with the same 3 letters, I can't help it! :o )

01-24-02, 02:08 AM
if it ends up being kidney failure, you should switch your cat over to a lower protein food. i forget the one i have my cat on....it's at the vet office.

if it is severe, you will eventually have to inject the kitty with fluids. my sister did this with her cat for a while. she also belonged to a kidney failure cat forum. i can get you the link, if you want/need it.

good luck.

Breni Sue
01-24-02, 02:13 AM
Thanks, Trixie, I would appreciate that! Hopefully it will not be necessary though. :)

01-24-02, 03:12 AM

<---hates to hear about an animal sick/hurting


01-24-02, 03:18 AM
Originally posted by ManInBlack

<---hates to hear about an animal sick/hurting



01-24-02, 04:38 AM
Father please watch over KC and Bren and help them both. Thank You that the love for animals you created in people is one thing that did not get completely lost in the fall. Please hold both Bren and her kitty safe in Your hand. You said You would bless our flocks and I take that to mean the animals that belong to us. Thank You for the long life you have given KC/ Please continue to give her strength and wholeness. Thank You for loving both of them.

01-25-02, 04:40 AM
Bren how is KC? and how is KC's person. I'm still praying for you both. God bless you.

Breni Sue
01-26-02, 01:05 AM
KC is home now. Still somewhat weak, but doing a lot better than when she was admitted 3 days ago. All tests came back A-OK. She will be taking antibiotics for another week and be on soft foods until she can fully regain her strength. I know how much she likes to be outdoors occassionally (which is what likely caused her to get sick to begin with), but I am thinking that since she is getting older and obviously not as immune as she used to be, that this may not be such a good idea anymore. I would hate for her to get sick like that again and not be able to fight it off.

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns! I love you guys! :)

Breni Sue
02-09-02, 01:15 AM
She had her follow-up vet's visit this week. The infection is completely gone, and she has gained a whole pound. But they have discovered that she has a hyper thyroid - which is pretty much like sugar diabetes. He says that is why she has been having trouble gaining weight and keeping it on. I will be needing to get back in contact with him to discuss the treatment. She will likely have to take a pill every day now to level everything out (yeah, she's gonna love that! ;) ). The other alternative would have been a permanent fix, but would cost roughly $700. :eek: So, she will just have to take the pills and like it. :)

02-09-02, 01:44 AM
$700? That's too much for you to spend on your precious kitty?

Heh... I wouldn't even spend $700 to fix myself... I figure anything that costs under a grand to fix can't be life-threatening ;)

In all seriousness, I'm glad there's an alternative. I'm having to tighten my belt around here as well.

02-09-02, 08:27 PM
Bren Thanks for updayting us on KC. Can you post her picture? I'm glad this is something that can be dealt with. Humm Pills I guess that means lots of canned food and treats to get them into her unless she is like my rags cat years ago who seemed to know the pill was going in and the easiest thing for his catly dignity was to willingly take it out of my hand and act like he wanted it. :) They do make flavored pills now that taste like treats, maybe this will be one of them. If not iIve found that our cats will eat almost anything coated in sour cream and are pretty good about eating cotage cheese and any lumps just seem to belong there.
* *

Breni Sue
02-09-02, 11:28 PM
Unfortunately, our scanner is currently out of commission and I don't have any pictures of her on my harddrive. However, if I can figure out how to use my husband's digital camera, I could probably get a photo up sometime! ;)

KC is very against taking any kind of pills, but I will look into some of your suggestions. Mom had to squirt her antibiotics into her food because she ran and hid everytime she saw the syringe. :rofl:

02-11-02, 04:24 AM
my kitty is also a hyperthyroid kitty. and yes, all of our animals have some sort of medical problem. :p

shoving a pill down a kitty throat isn't as bad as it seems, and they will get used to it. however, it helps if the cat is indoors.
another way of pilling the cat is getting a wee bit of tuna or moist catfood and crushing the pill between 2 spoons and powdering it on the food. then it's a treat. my vet was okay with this method for me, but you should probably check with your vet.

and just an fyi, you'll probably have to get the blood tested 1 or 2 times a year just to make sure that the hormone levels are good.

your cat is lucky to have you as a friend.

02-11-02, 06:22 AM
I'm glad to hear your cat is doing better.

I've had two dogs over the years, one died becasue of old age about 10 years ago, and our last dog died of cancer last christmas :(

Its good to hear your pet is currently doing well :)

I hope she lasts for a good many more years.