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01-22-02, 11:59 PM
Dear brothers & sisters in Christ.

Would appreciate if you can pray for & with my for :-

1) my spiritual life, which is going down hill
2) my mothers' & family members salvation
3) my relationship with my mum would improve
4) that i would be able to keep my job at least till end of the year (my company is not doing well)

Thank you.


01-23-02, 03:21 AM
I shall pray :angel:

01-23-02, 07:22 PM
Yes Lord! I stand in agreement, believing for Your provision, Your wisdom, Your guidance, Your redemption, Your joy and Your love in these lives. Thank You Lord for being SO faithful to Your children!

01-23-02, 10:38 PM
:angel: Father, Here is a person who is hurting in many ways. I ask in Jesus Name for the Peace that passes all understanding. Also, Save this Young Lady and fill her sith Your Holy Spirit is Wisdom and Understanding. Bless the entire family that they will Love each other like Jesus wants us to.
Lord Jesus, Look kindly upon Mizz Lizz's Job. Take care of the job that she may stay gainfuly employed. Bless all with Dunamis power. Agape. Grandpa.:)

01-24-02, 04:26 AM
O Lord, I place Liz and her situation into Your arms so that she may be healed, Lord, as well as all those around her. God, I know You're not a God of discontent, nor are You a God of causing discontent, so I know You're going to be faithful in this situation. Thank You, Father, for using those of us surrounding Liz to do waht all You have called us to do, Father, and it's in Jesus Name I ask and pray, Amen.