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Innocent Angel
01-22-02, 06:42 PM
i wanted to thank you all for the prayers..im sorry if i wrote in the wrong section. but i feel blessed that i received prayers and that this energy will now be circulating to help me. Thanks alot :)

01-22-02, 09:49 PM
:angel: Father I do not know what the problem was or is. You Do. Give a Holy Spirit Blessing to This Young Lady. Bless Her with the Peace that passes all understanding. Save Her and Fill Her with Your Great holy Spirit. Agape. Grandpa.:D :)

01-23-02, 06:47 PM
No, no, no! Don't be sorry honey! We're glad you posted and thankful for the chance to send up some prayers for you! We're a family here and want all who visit to feel welcome and loved and glad to have been with us!

Father, continue to work in this precious life and pour out Your strength, Your guidance and Your wisdom! in Jesus' name.