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01-22-02, 04:49 PM
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Please continue tp pray for my Pastor, Ralph Work Man, of Victory Baptist Church in Cross Lanes, WV.
The doctors did a heart catherization on Pastor Ralph this morning (Tuesday, January 22, 2002) at CAMC Memorial Hospitol in Charleston, WV. He has three 80% blockages and another one in the bottom of his heart that they can't do anything about right now. The surgeons are going to do open heart surgery this week on him. We don't know the day yet but they are not going to wait until Friday like they originally thought they would be able to.
Pastor Ralph is a godly man that stands on God's word and will not compromise to the standards of this world. I pray that GOD's will is that he will continue to minister to us and others, and he will have a speedy recovery. We are all blesssed my him and pray that he will recover quickly.
Please continue in your prayers for Pastor Ralph, his family, and the church family.
May God provide the doctors and hospital staff with wisdom, knowledge, and undewrstanding in treating Pastor Ralph.
May GOD guide the doctor's hands as they do the surgery on Pastor Ralph.
May GOD provide a fast recovery and may the healing be complete.
May GOD the Father, His Son Jesus, and The Holy Spirit be glorified in all matters concerning this and may any unbelievers come to know the glory and power of our mighty GOD.

GOD bless each of you,
Mike Reese, a bondservant of my mighty GOD.
January 22, 2002
Note: Victory Baptist has a web site at http://www.homestead.com/victorybaptist
please visit the site to see Pastor Ralph's picture. This will put a picture with a name for you when you pray for him.

01-22-02, 08:43 PM
:) Father, We ask for healing for Pastor Ralph. Bless the intercessor. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to all family and friends. Father, Grant that the ministry will continue to go forward. Agape. Grandpa.:D

01-23-02, 05:44 PM
Amen and Amen! Father, I stand in agreement!

01-24-02, 04:20 AM
My God, I know You have Pastor Ralph in You rhands right now while all this is going on in his life. Father, I know nothing is unprepared for in Your name, Lord, so whatever's going to happen, Lord, bless him and make his burden light, Lord. I pray to You that You if would choose to use any of us who is willing to affect him in some small way, that we would accept the challenge, Lord Jesus. I can't help but praise You for doing all You have, Lord, and I know that You're so mighty and awesome that it's all gonna work out in the end, Lord. I thank You so much for all You're doing, Lord, and i ask all these things in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.