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01-22-02, 02:34 AM

Ever been all alone
but you can't hear your thoughts
for the noise of others

Ever had to listen to someone
who didn't want to talk
but would rather listen to you

Ever had to talk to someone
who didn't want to listen
but didn't want to say so

Ever been forced to watch
what nobody wants to see
but everybody wants to do

Ever went somewhere
you didn't want to be
and nobody else either wants you there or wants to tell you to leave

Ever been the other person
on the other side of the table
in the other situation

Ever been so consumed in yourself
and down about how dark you feel inside
but not willing to let the Light fill your heart, mind, and soul

(C)2002 Zechariah Brewer, Bring it! Ministries


01-22-02, 02:35 AM
wow... lots of God bumps! wow... that was just... wow... just wow... hehehe... thank you zechy!

02-02-02, 11:28 PM
This was awesome!

God Bless!