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Innocent Angel
01-21-02, 07:36 PM
I'm not sure where to begin...I've written posts here a long time ago, and i enjoy the responses i get, so i thought i could get some opinions or advice...:blush:
I'm going through some relationship issues, and im not sure what i should do about it anymore. My bf and i have been together for a year and a half, and i care for him alot.:love: He treats me like a princess and goes out of his way to make sure im happy. He respects me and loves me, and he's almost the perfect boyfriend. Sometimes when we go out we drink, and sometimes when he's had too much he gets really emotional and he cant control his emotions. About a week ago, we went to a wedding, and he got to that point where he was emotional, and i guess u could say he was drunk :mad:
I don't care that he drinks becuz i know he can take kare of himself, but on this night we ended up arguing,:argue: and it got to the point where we were physically fighting with each other, its happened before a couple times, but only when he gets really drunk. I usually let it go, but sometimes he does things that really get me mad, and angry, or sad. So after this argument i broke up with him. So the next few days he was really sad, and kept qpoligizing and saying how he cant live without me, and it made me really sad to see him this way, but i didnt want to turn back. So during this time i began speaking with my ex. Sometimes i still have feelings towards him when me and my current bf fight i notice it more and more. Im not sure what to do because i care for my bf alot, and i do want to move on because of so many reasons besides the drinking, and i cant do it, because i dont want to make him sad, he gets really really depressed and i dont want him to loose focus of his life and whats important...GOSH..im sorry that im rambling...:( (i guess thats the writer in me):)
Let me get to the point... Along with what has recently happened, the only other reason i feel i should detach from this relationship is because of his past. Although he has been with someone before (sexually) and i havnt, he has waited for me all this time, and never pressured me at all to sleep with him. I know he really cares for me and is willing to wait. But the only thing that makes it hard for me is that he has been with somone before, and it hurts me, even though it was the past. Ive tried for a very long time to dismiss the idea, but i cant. I pray to god to help me get over this, but it is how i feel, and i cant be with him knowing that in the future i will never be able to share this with him. I dont want to judge him for this but its how i feel, am i wrong? My next step is hypnotizing myself to forget about it and accept it, but its hard..especially when my ex is still a virgin, and i find myself wondering if he could be the one for me.
Im sorry if this is confusing i hoped to get some kind of answers from someone. Again im sorry to confuse anyone with my rambling, and i thank anyone who has the patience to read this whole thread :angel: GOD BLESS YOU ALL... Serina

01-21-02, 08:36 PM
Father thank You that You love Serina and sent Your son Christ Jesus to die for her so she can come to You and know You care about everything she's going through and care about both opf these young men too. Thank You that Your word promises that if we need wisdom we only have to come to You and You will give us all we need and not get angry because we asked You. Serina
has a big decision here and she really neds Your wisdom. Nothing less will do at all. She wants to be guided by Your truth. Pleae help her know what she should do and how to do it right.

Please be with her boyfriend too and help[ him overcome his sadness and his problems. And with this exboyfriend that he makes good choices, your choices for his life too.

Please help Serina to know that You can care for both of them and that she can trust you to take care of her and them. Thank You.

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You sounded like you'd like advice and conversation as well as prayer. If so you may want to post on the ASK and Christian Fellowship boards too. God bless you.

01-21-02, 08:36 PM
I think maybe you were accustomed to posting on one of the discussion boards - maybe the teen board - and getting responses? But that's ok. We'll pray for you Serina!

Father, this precious heart needs Your guidance and wisdom. Serina needs to draw close to You. She needs Your love and Your companionship. Bless her with a very special knowledge of Your love for her. Draw her to Your Word to learn and grow and be enriched by Your teaching. Help her to make good choices in her life and to always remember that You are with her, every moment. Let her know that You are her dearest friend and will never leave her. Touch her, love her and bring her closer to You, in Jesus' mighty name.

01-22-02, 03:02 AM
Lord, I know this situation is complex, biut God, I know nothing is too complex for You. I pray for Serina today as I ask that Yo u would bless and keep her, Father. I thank You for giving her the strength and faith that You have, Lord, and I aks that You would bless and keep her so that she may do the same for You, too. I pray that You would work Your healing handin this situation and bless all parties involved. I pray for each person indicidually and the whole group as a whole, Lord, knowing that we can't fix it but You can. Father, I pray that if there's anything that we as the body of believers can do for Serina, god, that it shall be revelaed to us, Lord, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.