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princess leah
01-21-02, 07:17 PM
i just heard that my friends' mom was killed in a car accident around four pm today. i'm too numb to be too upset yet but i'm sure when it hits me i'll be very distraught. (for jason's benefit: it's jennie, brian and kara b's mom)

i really don't know what to do or say here.

01-21-02, 07:22 PM
Father, I lift this family up to you, I can't even imagine what it would be like to loose a parent. Please just work in this situation as only You can.

01-21-02, 07:24 PM
That makes two of us.

01-21-02, 09:30 PM
Father, Your strength and comfort are SO needed in this family. Reach out to them and let them know You're with them. Help them to get through this tragedy. Grant them Your guidance and wisdom and they work through their grief. Help their dear friends to have the right words to say. Anoint Your Word to their hearts and hold them in Your loving arms as they say their goodbyes and begin the healing process. Keep them ever in Your embrace! in Jesus' name.

01-21-02, 09:51 PM
Father please comfort Leah so she can reach out to her friends and be there for them. Please show her what to do and say and what not to. And please especially take Jennie, Brian and Kara in Your arms and hold and help them. And please help them to hold on to You. Thank You for giving them good friends like Leah and Jason who care and pray and pray some more and thank You for loving them and taking care of them.

01-21-02, 10:12 PM
Dear God, please be with the family and all close to the mother that has died. oh, God i know how rough it is to lose a parent, God. Lord, i know they're hurting. please comfort her children right now(& husband?), oh, God they need you right now, be with them through their grief, please ease their pain, and help them through this incredibly difficult time. please, Lord, give them Your peace. Hold them and continue to envelope them in Your wonderful love. In Jesus name i pray, amen.

01-22-02, 04:06 AM
Lord Jesus, as hard as this situation may be to swallow, please help each member of the family remember that You're right there in their midst with their weeping and mourning. Lord, I pray that they would indeed realize the loss to an earthly life in balance with the gain of a Heavenly one. Father, I pray for those who grieve, Lord, that they would be mindful that she is in Your hands right now, Father, and that's all that matters. We love YOu, Lord, and we than You so much for all You gave, all You gave, O Lord, to give us a chance to life forever with You, Lord Jesus. I pray for thsoe who haven't accepted YOu tha t their hearts may be turned about tonite and that they would just stop wherever they are and [rasie You, Lord. I pray for their spuls to see You and to begin crying out to You, Lord, for mercy, Lord, which I know You will grant. I thank You so much for all the mercy and grace You provide, O Lord, and I ask all these things in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.