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01-20-02, 08:57 PM
Hi. I would like all of you's help in praying along with me. I will tell you my situation:

My name is Serena and I'm 17 I live with my mom in an apartment in the Bay Area (Hayward) and might I add it's pretty expensive. My mom is a single mother supporting our household, we live paycheck to paycheck and all that. We've been thinking/wanting to move up to Kent, Washington. We would have a better chance at saving money up there and being able to live comfortably, and I feel we're due for a change. Change in lifestyle and environment. I also have a really dear friend (Jason) that lives in up Washington also that I've been feeling deeply in my heart that I need to be there for. He means a great deal to me and I want nothing more to be able to be just as good a friend to him in "person" as I am now. I believe God has blessed me by putting Jason in my life...well he's blessed both of us w/ eachother. I truely believe this. These things I long a desire for more than anything and I know that I must wait upon the Lord and trust in him, and I do. I believe that the main issue here is saving enough money to get out of California. I'm willing to make the sacrifices and go out and get a job, and I've felt that I've been lead to start tithing, which I will when I get the job. The rest of the money will go into savings. I pray along with Jason and a few others for God to make a way for us to get up to Washington and all, and I also believe that God will fulfill his promises in our lives. I know the power in prayer and the power of the blood of Jesus, and I believe that when 2 or more are gathered in prayer, it's as good as done in Jesus' name. I guess I'm asking that you guys say a prayer that God make a way for us. I really appreciate it and God bless and thanks.

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01-20-02, 10:36 PM
:angel: Father, I ask in Jesus Name that You look kindly upon this young lady. Keep her safe and guide her where she is supposed to go. Grant that a good safe job will come upon the scene. Save and Sanctify her that your will be done. Agape. Grandpa.

01-21-02, 12:04 AM
Father please open the right job for Serena and lead and guide her and her family in Your perfect will for them. Please give them each Your wisdom and understanding of the things that are Your p[lan for them and of Your timing too. Thank You.

01-21-02, 03:02 AM
Lord, I pray that Your blessings would fall upon Serena and her mom in this time immediately ahead and that Your mercy and healing would fall upon her friend Jason so that he may be strengthened until she arrives to be there i person, Lord. I thank You so mcuh for doing all You have, Lord, and all that You've promised us You will do. Thank You for the unseen, Lord, to prseerve the surprise for us, Father, and to test our obedience. Father, I thank You fo r all You're doing, Lord, and I ask all these things I pray in Your blessed name, Lord, Amen.


01-21-02, 11:57 AM
Lord I stand in agreement. Lead, guide and minister in these lives. Bless them with Your presence, Your strength and Your provision. Take them where You want them to be! in Jesus' name.