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01-20-02, 07:09 PM
I posted it in the Music forum (duh, it's a song) but someone told me to post here so here it is.


I like to call this "a patriotic song in the style of Woody Guthrie"

The names in parenthesis are characters singing their part of the song (all to be done in real life by one person)

verse 1

Thirty-nine fell in the streets today
The world just passed them by
Each army marched into battle
With their colors all held up high
But when the songs of gunfire subside
No tears are shed for the men who died
'Cause tomorrow they'll come out and do it all again
Tomorrow there'll be blood,
Tomorrow there'll be Bloods running wild

verse 2 (Ahmed)

I can feel the stares, the burning hateful glares
As I walk down the street with my kids
Your bloodthirst you can't sate, but I can see the hate
When you close your eyes it's burning through your lids
But you don't really care, 'cause I'm from "over there"
I don't have the ability to feel
Well that's right! I don't feel, because I'm not even real
And yet the wounds you've caused can never be healed
And you call me a terrorist...

verse 3 (Joe)

I get up, drink my coffee and I go to my job
Bowing to the whim of some faceless snob
But when the night comes the fire burns bright on my hearth
When the night comes I undergo second birth
I brandish my rope and I put on my hood
And I ride, and I know that it's all for the good
Here the spirit of Joseph is alive and well
Is it McArthey or Stalin, I can't really tell...

(instrumental break)

break (Joe)

Gotta put 'em back, gotta put 'em back...
Gotta put 'em back in their place (repeat several times)

God bless America!
God bless the children of America!

verse 4 (God)

God bless the children of America...
Indeed, so you say... but what about the children of Afghanistan? What about the women of Pakistan? The poor, widowed mothers of India trapped in a religious system that views their plight as the just reward of a failed past life, what of them? What of the martyrs in China, Indonesia, Sudan- those sequestered, starved, scourged, sold into slavery, and shot for a faith you take for granted...
God bless America, you say, but hear my words-
Are you ready?
America, is she ready?
Are the people ready for the blessing America really needs?
A vision...

outro chorus

God bless America, God bless America (repeat several times)

Please discuss.

Peace, Love, and Jesus Christ,


01-20-02, 07:13 PM
someone was me.. hehe...

Breni Sue
01-20-02, 07:14 PM

That is all I really have to say right now. Awesome awesome awesome!

01-20-02, 07:18 PM
i agree... the first time i read it i also cried... i'll bawl when i finally hear it to music..

01-20-02, 07:22 PM
I need a band before I can play this one.

01-20-02, 07:24 PM
i volunteer! even though i'm not a likely candidate.. as i only sing and play the guitar very badly...

01-20-02, 07:25 PM
I think I have a band, except for a drummer...

Well, I have me and Preston, and I think I know a guy who can play lead guitar.

01-20-02, 07:29 PM
so.. this is going to be an all guy band?

01-20-02, 07:32 PM
Doesn't matter to me, I'll take anyone who can play the stuff.

I'd like to have a keyboardist.

01-20-02, 07:33 PM
darn it.. another thing i can't play... sigh.. tambourine? egg shaker? please?

01-20-02, 07:38 PM
I bet I can get you in for a song ;)

01-20-02, 07:41 PM

you don't know how much i would love that...

01-20-02, 07:42 PM
I think it'd be cool if I could have a group and you and Leah could sing with me on a song or two

01-20-02, 07:46 PM
awesome... cause leah and i could blend well if we practiced togeth a bit... i noticed that when we sang karaoke together this summer...

01-20-02, 07:50 PM
Yeah :)

:rofl: Stacey and I were singing "You've Lost that Loving Feeling" and SHE was singing the lower part :rofl:

01-20-02, 07:52 PM
of course... since we all know you're really a girl... :p

01-20-02, 07:54 PM
You know better :p

01-20-02, 07:55 PM
WHAT? just because you stink and grow hair on your face proves nothign!

01-20-02, 07:57 PM

<---- not touching that one with a 10-foot pole

01-20-02, 07:57 PM
good.. we should let this convo die... and let it die quickly...

01-20-02, 07:58 PM
*shoots conversation*

01-20-02, 07:58 PM
Did I kill it?

01-20-02, 07:59 PM
maybe.. it's still twitching a little though... ;)

01-20-02, 08:00 PM

That should do it. That was a bloody howitzer shot.

01-20-02, 08:01 PM
yay! it's dead! *dances around dead conversation* wait that sounds kinda wrong.. hehe... i'm silly...

01-20-02, 08:02 PM
Yes, j00 are ;)


01-20-02, 08:03 PM
i wouldn't be as loveable and fun if i wasn't though...

01-20-02, 08:05 PM
I'm going to let this thread die for the night because I'm completely exhausted. You can even have the last post ;)

Good night.

01-20-02, 08:10 PM
ok.. goodnight

01-22-02, 04:15 PM
Very nice lyrics Orpheus... I like it. What kind of music are you going to put this to? I definitely want to hear it when you're done. Too bad I don't live closer... because I'm and accomplished keyboardist as well as good drummer :). Hehe... hopefully I'll have some stuff to post in this forum soon... I just gotta finish the website for our band first. Keep up the good work!

The Living Catalyst

01-23-02, 05:23 PM
I'm seeing it as kind of a cross between "Machine Gun" by Jimi Hendrix and "Bullet the Blue Sky" by U2. Have you seen the Elevation DVD version of that song? "MARK CHAPMAN!!!"

Bono rocks.

01-25-02, 12:16 AM
BOO!!!!!!!!!! DID I SCARE YOU????????? :biggrin:

01-25-02, 12:40 AM
No ;)

And I know who you are ;)

01-25-02, 01:07 AM
as do i.