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01-20-02, 12:53 PM
This morning a girl in my sunday school class told us that she may have breast cancer. She will be having test later this week. She's only about 18 or 19 - and is engaged to be married in June. She is an extremely strong Christian - but she is still nervous and scared.

Father, I pray for Lindsey. Surround her with your presence right now. May this time be a time when she grows closer to you Lord. May she learn to trust you as never before. Lord, put your healing hand on her body. Erase all evidence of this disease from her body. Lord, be with Chris as well - help him to be the support that she needs right now. I know that they both love you so much, may that be their source of strenght through this time. Thank you fahter, I love you.

01-20-02, 03:56 PM
Lord, I stand in agreement. Use this time of trials as an opportunity to minister to Lindsey in a very powerful way. Bless her with the depth and power of Your love and faithfulness. Turn her health situation into one that will bring praise and worship to You, in Jesus' mighty name.

01-20-02, 09:43 PM
:angel: Father, Here is another case of the big C. that John Wayne refered to. We ask in Jesus Name for Total Healing for Her. Give the Peace that passes all understanding to all. Bless Mizz Princess for interceeding for this young Lady. Father, pour Dunamis Power on this problem and give total Healing. Agape. Grandpa.

01-20-02, 11:01 PM
Father Thank You for strengthening and preparing Lindsey for this test with the knowledge that Jesus is her healer and that her healing is a finished work. Thank You for giving her a church that will stand with her and Christian friends to not only hold her hand but to hold up her hands even as Aaron and Hur held up the hands of Moses and helped to win that battle. Please let the tests be clear and accurate and let all be well with her. Thank You.

01-21-02, 01:58 AM
Father, I ask You to bless Lindsey in all that she needs, Lord, and I pray that she'd know You're right beside her, even as grim as the situation may look. I know You haave complete control, God, and Your healing hands are upon her all the time, Father, I just pray that everhthing that is not of You would depart from her body, Father, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.