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01-20-02, 09:17 AM
My brother is a corporal in the Marine Corps. He is currently on a ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean for about a month. Around the middle of February he will be leaving to be stationed on a ship in the Arabian Sea. (of course this being the military, that's all subject to change, but that's the plan at the moment) Adam is part of the crew that flies the helicopters. The latest helicopter crash was the same type of helicopter that he flies. It seems that lately many of our soldiers who have been killed have been involved in helicopter crashes. I'm just a little worried about his safety, but I know God is in control.

Father, you created Adam, and you are in control of his life. Please watch over him and all the other men and women that are serving along side of him. Give them wisdom to know what to do in situations. May they each seek You for whatever it is they need. May Adam see His need for a relationship with You. Surround him with Christian friends on the ship - and may he turn to You. Thank you father, I love you.

01-20-02, 11:07 AM
Oh yes Lord! Ease our Princess' fears about her brother and let her know that You are knocking faithfully at the door of his heart. Lead him to Your salvation and redemption and open his eyes to the wonders of belonging to You. Bless him with Your love and strength and safeguard him as he takes his place in service to his country. Bless all of our military with a saving knowledge of You and with Your constant protection and wisdom. in Jesus' name.

01-20-02, 11:21 PM
:) Father, We ask in Jesus Name for safety for Adam. Keep his outfit all safe in these uncertain times. Get all back home safely. Agape. Grandpa.

01-20-02, 11:54 PM
Amen Father thank You for watching over Adam and for giving him a sister who cares and prays.

Please be with each one who serves in this type duty. And please comfort the families of those who have given their lives for freedoim in this battle as only You can comfort. Thank You.

01-21-02, 02:55 AM
Father, I lift up NIcole's brother in the situation he's in right now, Lord, knowing what he's gotta go through for his work, but as well for our safety and freedom. Father, I pray that Your angels would hold onto him tightly and let nothing bad happen to him, Lord. Let only Your hand touch him, Father, and keep us mindful that he won't go without Your permission. in Christ's Name i pray, Amen.