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01-20-02, 06:06 AM
Ya'll, I'm just gonna stick this one in while I'm thinking about it.

There's a girl who lives across the way from me here in Baton Rouge who I felt led to start carrying a burden for her when I was in Jackson at Salt. I never caught her name but I've dubbed her "Lara" for the purpose of my prayer journal and things like this to avoid confusion. The problem is Lara always has a depressed look on her face. Last semester I'd see her alot at the bus stops and see her sitting by herself not talking to anybody who didn't try their dangdest to talk to her first. I've seen her smile 4 times (thrice in reality, once in a dream) and it's a very beautiful smile. I guess you could say she's physically attractive by worldly standards, it's just that i guess she's really shy and doesn't have any friends. I'm guessing she lives by herself in a studio apartment (for those who don't know -- basically a hotel room) and either way has no life. Once last semester I invited her to Wesley Foundation but she turned me down for whatever reason. Either way every time I think about her I pray a little harder. I thought I saw her getting out of her car tonite, but it was dark and I couldn't tell anyways. Either way I haven't seen her yet but I'm going to be keeping an eye out for her out my bedroom window next to the computer whenever I'm here. Pray also that I don't try and start any kind of dating relationship with her and that I'd only be here trying to connect her to the Almighty -- not even using dating as a second step.

Lord, You know my heart and You know why I bring Lara before You. I pray that You would bless her with Your mighty hand and that You would open her up to Your word. Father, You know all the secret back staircases and trapdoors into her heart, so I know You can get in. Father, I pray that the words coming from my mouth and others would only be Your words, which will go directly where You want them to, not even tinged by self lest they go off-course. Thank You Father for being who You are, Lord, and for doing all You have. Use me, O Lord as You would choose, Lord, in Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.


01-20-02, 10:05 AM
Yes Lord! Hear this prayer and draw her to Calvary to partake in Your joy and love. Open her heart to Your Word and her eyes to Your redemption. Bless her with Your salvation and wholeness and lead her into this wonderful family of Yours! in Jesus' name.

01-20-02, 10:31 PM
:angel: Father, Depression and loneliness is very bad. We ask in Jesus Name for some good spirit filled Christians to come into this the life of this lady. Grant that she will come to have a loving church family. Bless this intercessor. Agape. Grandpa.

Zech.-Courage--Keep asking her to go to church. Get help from another lady friend. Do it. Grandpa.:)

01-20-02, 10:49 PM
Father please draw this young lady to the love You have for her in Jesus. Please send her at least 1 good Christian friend who can help her to see your love and please do guide and protect Zach as he reaches out to her. Thank You for loving her so much that You put it in Zach's spirit to pray for her and to ask other folks to pray.

01-24-02, 02:28 AM
Update: Well, I don't have much info but Lara *IS* here this semester. I didn't get to talk to her but it's good enough to know she's around.

Father, I pray You would keep Your hand on Lara until next I see her. I know You love her and want to bring her back to the fold, Lord, so I pray I can do whatever it takes that You would have me do, Lord, and I pray that I might not devalue Your name by doing something You would have me not to do in the midst of speaking Your words. Have me speak Your words and only Your words, Lord, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.


01-24-02, 05:45 PM
Amen and Amen! Lord we believe You will continue to have Your hand in this life and will stay beside her to lead her to You! Continue showering Zechariah with Your wisdom and Your guidance, in Jesus' name.