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01-19-02, 04:58 PM
haha sorry I thought that whole thing was cool hehe anyway
For those of you who read the article in HM This is what I got from Kandy Kane

ChristsGothChild: some peeps have found this in hm and have come running to me asking if its true
Kandy Kane: lol
Kandy Kane: how funny
Kandy Kane, whoe we last heard from in a "Goodbye letter from Rackets and Drapes" (Issue 89), had surgery last April, has healed and has brought his band back to life as well. "Are you ready for the rebirth of R&D?" he teases. "Can the Christian world handle it?" Kandy and his wife, Kalliapi, are in pre-production for an electronic/industrial/techno sounding album. "It'll be our most shocking, heavy, dark, and controversial album yet, titled "Love Letters From Hell." When asked why he resurrected R&D instead of starting with a new band name, he replied, "Because everything I write still sounds like a R&D album! There is a change in the sound somewhat," he warns, and goes on to explain, "I finally figured out what the Lord wanted me to do for the last year and a half...Lots 'o' life stuff: family, kids, surgery, home, etc. But we are coming back , baby. Louder and more shocking than ever!"

Kandy Kane: it will only be an album and Larvae will be on it but this wont happen for quite some time
Kandy Kane: that was written along time ago
ChristsGothChild: lol see thats what me and tammy thought but everyones like oo the cd will be out soon
Kandy Kane: HM usually is late on the publications
Kandy Kane: lol
Kandy Kane: no it wont
ChristsGothChild: thats what I thought
Kandy Kane: not 4 awhile
ChristsGothChild: I'm like I remember this big deal lik eback in october
Kandy Kane: im really busy with the new label and such
ChristsGothChild: and I knew you were having your solo project
ChristsGothChild: I told peeps it will be a while for rackets
ChristsGothChild: but no one listens to me lol
ChristsGothChild: they should listen to me I got the inside scoop
Kandy Kane: lol
Kandy Kane: yea

There ya have it Kiddies straight from Kandy Kane himself

*NOTE!!!! that is NOT I repeat NOT his aim name don't even try talking to it it could be someone but its not him I changed the name so people wouldn't message him.*

01-22-02, 11:57 PM
I love kandy kane!
man i miss talking to larvae hes a big teddy bear:) and ive never chatted with kalliapi kane although i think i have but im not sure.....who knows?