View Full Version : right to life march, a freind, some snow, and a need for prayers

01-19-02, 03:13 PM
my friend sarah on campus is on the ministry team for Newman Center here on campus, the fellowship group for Catholics. well they were supposed to leave at 5 o'clock this morning for Washington D.C. for the Right to Life march protesting abortion. last night we recieved snow.. a decent ammount of the wet slippery kind (the kind that make perfect snowmen or snow gorillas if you're me and my roommate) anyway, she's still here on campus, as is the rest of the group going, because they aren't sure about the safety of the trip anymore. the team is meeting in an hour or two to discuss it further. they need prayer that they may see God's decision on their trip. that He would open their eyes to the right and safe choice that He wants them to make...

Dear God. Guide the hearts of your children of the right choice to make. help them to see what You will is for them this weekend. keep them safe in your arms now and always. amen.

01-19-02, 04:04 PM
Amen and Amen! Keep them safe and wrapped in Your loving embrace always!! in Jesus' name.

01-19-02, 06:28 PM
Amen Father they are asking You for wisdom. Thank You that Your word promises and abundant supply to all who ask You for it.
Pleasse keep them safe as they go or as they stay. Thank You.

01-19-02, 06:37 PM
:angel: Father, We ask in Jesus Name for traveling Mercies for all in this group. Guide them with Your Holy Spirit that they will know what to do as regards travel. Keep them safe and we will praise You our Father. Agape. Grandpa.

01-20-02, 12:20 AM
they're leaving tomorrow morning.. God told them to go and they'd be safe. thank you for your prayers!

01-20-02, 05:55 AM
Father, we ask You rblessings upon Sarah and the NC, Lord, that they and all those marching with them would glorify You, Lord, in some grand way, if so much is You rwill. Father, I pray that even if only one little heart gets changed tha tthe group would feel like they've done something, Father, and I pray tha tYOu would bless them immensely in preaching Your word and that alone, Father. I pray that You woudl bless them through and through, in all things, for You alone have control over that. Father, I thank You again and again for Your beautiful mercy and grace, Lord, and I ask all these thing in thanksgiving in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.