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01-19-02, 04:22 AM
ok... i have 2 friends... well i really have a lot more than 2 friends... but.. 2 especially need prayer now.

first off... i want to say, that anyone who knows me in person or my roommate or other friends, please keep this on the downlow because i'm not sure how public is appropriate... i just really need some prayer support for them and decided that this was a great place for it.

anyway... the first person is my roommate. she is showing classic signs of annorexia nervosa. i would know seeing as how through part of highschool i myself was annorexic (fyi: lifesavers are not a valid source of nutrition). her last roommate couldn't take the stress of her first year in college compounded with a stressed and annorexic roommate.. that's how stefanie came to live with me. anyway. she is very tall and thin, but her self image is very poor (worse than mine even!). she'll eat a container of yogurt for breakfast, a slimfast for lunch, and nothing or some bread or something for dinner. she takes LONG walks, 2 or more hours, and she swims 3 times a week on average. i really worry that she's going to make herself really sick. she's already kind of unhealthy, and some other slightly more dangerous things are happening to her body as a result of no nutrition. i'm trying to encourage eating, without being naggy, and i'm going to talk with my counselor monday and will bring up the situation for some added advice.

my other friend is named rich. he's a really nice guy that joined kappa chi the co-ed christian service fraternity of which sean (AgentPhyte003) and i are part of. in talking with him a little one on one tonight we got on the subject of God and other religions and such. he's been having serious faith issues. he considers himself agnostic, but really likes the christian message and thinks it's a good thing. he says he prays and he feels great and "like, i'm saved again!" but then when things start going good he doesn't feel like he needs God constantly looking over his shoulder. he's looked into the mormon church a little bit... but i'm going to do my best to steer him in an opposite dirrection... he was raised lutheran/catholic so he has the knowledge.. he just needs a little push in some way. i'm not entirely sure how to do it though...

also, in both of these situations i need real wisdom in how to best be a good friend, and to help them in their struggles. especially with stefanie as it will become a big temptation to fall back into my old habits of not eating as well.

Dear awesome and wonderful Lord. We need Your hand to cover the situations near me here. Stefanie is a beautiful child of Yours. please give her great peace and an overwhelming sense of Your love. let her know that You constantly love her, and made her perfectly designed. with rich, Lord, just keep nudging him in the right dirrections. make yourself real to him in new ways every day. please put others, strong christians he can go to, in his path to help guide him. raise up some men of faith to be his help in the briar patches of faith. give me wisdom and strength to stay strong while still attempting to help the situation. i love you Lord, and i thank you that you will be faithful to answer my prayer. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

01-19-02, 05:00 PM
Father I stand in agreement with this beautiful prayer. Take these lives and turn them into something rich and blessed and wondrous! Continue to shower our lovely butterfly with Your wisdom and anointing! in Jesus' mighty name.

01-19-02, 08:15 PM
:angel: Father, We ask in Jesus Name for a Double Helping of the Sanctifying Holy Spirit. Pour this Dunamis Power on all of these young people. Sanctify all. Fill all with Your Holy Spirit of Wisdom, Insight and Understanding. Lord Jesus, Show these people that Your Way of Life is a wonderful way and that Your commandments are not grevious. Bless this Young Lady that this eating habit problem will be resolved. Bless Mizz buterfly for interceeding for these people who need help. Showers of blessings we plead, Our Father. Agape. Grandpa.

01-20-02, 06:49 AM
Father, I ask You r blessings upon my sister Heather in every situation of her life, Father. IN times when she needs the solace of others, Lord, let us find time to befriend her and bless her with our love. I thank You for giving her a heart to reach out to others, Lord, and I pray tha tYou would just show us all how to get throug these situations You have put us in, Lord. I thank You God for being the Saviour we need and for being the Provider we couldn't do without. Lord Jesus, any way You would choose to use me or anybody else in this situation, Father, I ask Your blessings. Thank You so much for being as good to us as You ahve, Lord, and especially for taking heather and having her truly seek after You so that she came to know the truth of You, Lord. I Thank You so much and I ask all these things in Your beautiful name I pray, Amen.


P.S. Hezzy you know you can call me or catch me any time you need me. Love ya sis!

01-22-02, 12:40 AM
i thank you for the prayers you've already prayed for me and my friends. i ask for continued prayer as i've found myself falling back into old habits... i think i maybe ate 1 meal this whole weekend. and that's not a good thing... i need strength to resist the urge to quit eating... and the strength to set a good example for stefanie. thank you guys...

God, i'm slipping. again i'm finding myself in the hole of food manipulation. and i know it's all a head game the devil's playing with me... an area of control... God, You are the only i want with control over me. take all of me, and hold me, mold me, make me into Your perfect image. i love you. thank you. amen.

01-22-02, 04:11 AM
Father, I pray for my sister Heather again, Lord, knowing what she's going through can't e good, even if I've never experienced it. Father, I pray for the new accountability partner You have blessed me with, Lord, and I pray that we would be bold enough to keep each other in check withour eating habits, Lord. I pray for myself that I may have the willpower to eat enough to stay healthy, Lord, and I know that You will give me this strength within, Father, for You love me, Daddy. I thank You for all You have given me, Lord, and if there's any way Heather and I can be useful for Your glory in each others' lives, I pray that that shall be revealed to us, Lord, in Jesus' Name i pray, Amen.