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01-18-02, 01:42 PM
I am im need of prayer i have so much going on in my life I dont know where to start.....:( I came to seaatle washington to be with a man I love and who has been there for me me and I for him for three years ....I was married when I met him to an abusive man and now i am no longer mariied to him but before I got div I served him with div papaers and he raped me...well I came to washington and found out I was pregnant in nov of 2000 then in Jan of 2001 I gave birth to a beautiful Little girl ( Erin Rose Taylor) Yes that man was with me no not my ex but the man who I love well any way we went thru hell and hi water together we even split up a few times to see if this is what we really wanted well while we were split up the stet took my child from e while i was in the shelters....I have been trying to get her back ever since and even thou Erin and James r not biloical related they are in their hearts...he was there for her her first four months...any way we are living together and we are planning on getting married as soon as his div goes thru ..the reason why his div is going thru is 2 reasons ..one after h e got married his wife took off on him and he hasnt seen her since 93 No I didnt know him then ...and two he told me the reason why he has waited for so long to div was he was not ready and he was holding on to meet his true love which he says now is me ..he proposed to me over the xmas holiday ....any way we are wanting so bad to get Little erin back that is hurts to see other families together and whey we cant have her well it hurts alot ....and to top it all of i have had a low self esteem for a few resons I was in a busive marraige and i used to weigh 600 lbs i had a heart attch at the age of 21 and now i am going to be 33 next month and i am 200 lbs....James has tried to help me but it has been hard and toi top it all off I had to miss out on my daughters 1st christmas cause the transporter never picked her up from the foster parents and her first birthday was well lets just say not special they only let james see her for 15 minutes and she was sick on top of it all she has flathead..she has too wear a helmet until she turns 3 I dont know what to do the only Good things I can say is i know God brought all of us togetehr for a reason Yes i feel blessed i am no longer in a shelter and I am marrying the man i love and all but I want our family together....Please pray for us all
the Schimmelpfenning Taylor Family..If u know any one that can help with rental assisiatance or anything like baby furnitur4e or food u can reach us at my email or my home phonme number or our free voice mail ...
yes James is working but we aare barly making ends meet and I am out every day looking for a job..and we live in a low cost hotel we have used all of our resourses or we get a hard time because he is a in town truck driver but he is putting all his money to his fixing his beat up pick up truck he has so we can have transportation.... here is all of our info

James Schimmelpfenning
Erin taylor
Catherine Taylor
Po box 21233
seattle washington 98111
here is my resume if u know any one in seattle that is hiring
Please let me know your thoughts on this
any help would be apreciated and thankful
Your in christ Catherine

01-18-02, 08:35 PM
:angel: Father, Here is a family situation that needs Your special touch. We ask in Jesus Name for healing in this family. Provide jobs and child care as needed. Bless this person who has asked for intercession. Lord Jesus, Grant that this family will be put back together again. Give the peace that passes all understanding to all involved. Agape. Grandpa.

01-18-02, 09:21 PM
thank you for your prayers..I know that the Lord Jesus Christ will help us and I pray that the Lord blesses in many ways ....
Your sister in Christall :angel:

01-19-02, 04:53 PM
Draw these hearts deeply into Your Word Lord to receive and grow in Your instruction and Your Truth. Minister to every need and bless them with restoration and Your awesome provision. Meet every need! in Jesus' name.

01-20-02, 06:22 AM
Father, I know that none of these problems are out of Your control or Your reach, Lord, even as complex as they may sometimes become. Lord, I know tha You are truly the One in control from all You ahve done for me and for others I have witnessed, so knowing You I know You'll do something spectacular in this family, whatever it may be. Father, I pray for reconciliation and forgiveness on all parts, Lord, and I know that You're not going to let these people go no matter what. Father, I praise You for Your unending Faithfulness, Lord. We know "Your faithfulness stretches to the sky" so let us witness that, O Lord, in Jesus' precious name I pray, Amen.


01-20-02, 03:40 PM
:angel: I am in shock with all your prayers and very thankful for then all if u would like to call us with prayer...... Our information is on line,,,,,, but we cant call out long distance I wish we could we just cant afford it right now...I PRAY FOR MANY BLESSINGS FOR ALL MY ONLINE BROTHERS AND SISTER ALL OVER THE WORLD.....I THOUGHT AT FIRST WE WERE IN THIS ONLY WITH GOD YOU HAVE SHOCKED US WITH YOUR PRAYERS AND CONCERN AND WE HUMBLY THANK U ALL.....I WILL KEEP YOU IN OUR PRAYERS ALSO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT ANY TIME
Erin Taylor ( 1yrs old)
James Schimmelpfenning
Catherine Taylor
206-706-5482 home limited calls
206-279-7030 our free voicemail
po box 21233
seattle washington 98111
I am making a family one too will be up soon
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

01-21-02, 12:58 AM
Father please help Catherine to put Your word and Your righteosuness first in her life so You can bless her and work out her family situation. Please help her understand that short cuts that go against Your word lead only to dead ends and to have the courage and the strength to chose Your way. Please watch over Erin, heal her head and help her even at her age to know how very much You love her. Please lead Catherine and James into a full commitment of their lives to Christ. Thank You for how very much You love them.

Here's a link to possible help resources in your area http://4homeless.hypermart.net/shelters.html#washington.
I understand that you are not homeless now but many of these places can tell you where to find local sources of deposit help, transitional housing etc. Your nearest HUD office (in phone book United States Government, Housing and Urban Development) can tell you who is doing low cost and transitional housing. There are apartments and houses where the owners get a tax credit for lowering rents to afordable levels and others which offer a 3-6 mo very inexpensive stay to help people get back on their feet. Many of these get HUD subsidies and grants so HUD would know who they are.