View Full Version : Coffee and Muddy Shoes . . .

01-17-02, 02:37 PM
Bamm-Bamm was out in the backyard the other day with a bunch of his friends.

Now, a few years back before Bamm-Bamm and Little Durango were in the picture, there was a nice lush lawn in the backyard.

However after having these two guys and their friends trampling through there for the past few years there is not much of a lawn left to say the least.

So nowadays, after a little bit of rain,the backyard is one big pit of mud.

Anyway, the boys were out there in the yard playing a friendly game of football out at the old "Mud Bowl".

The boys had been playing pretty hard and they were all thirsty so Bamm-Bamm thought it would be OK to come in the house and get everyone something to drink.

Big mistake! Bamm-Bamm tracked mud all across Mrs. Durango's freshly cleaned kitchen floor.

Then to make matters worse Bamm-Bamm decided he couldn't possibly carry all those drinks outside by himself so he had everyone come in to have their drinks.

And of course they only tracked more mud in and made a bigger mess.

Well I chased them all back outside and helped Mrs. Durango clean up the mess then I sat down and poured myself a fresh cup of coffee.

I thought about how Bamm-Bamm came in to get drinks for his buddies and himself . . .
How he saw no harm in what he was doing . . .

And how that sort of thinking only led to even a bigger mess when he let all his buddies come in for a drink.

Then I thought about how this is much like the sin in our lives.

I thought about how some people let porn into their homes whether through the internet, magazines, videos or movies.

I thought about how these people don't really see the harm in it, after all it's not like they are really having an affair I've heard them say.

And yet they don't realize that by yielding to their lusts and allowing this pornography to enter their homes and their marriages it is leaving the door open to even more sin . . .

How it can lead them to act upon those lustful thoughts where they never thought they would have before.

It can lead to them defiling the marriage bed or making demands on their spouses sexually that are not in compliance with God's Word.

And just like Bamm-Bamm, they never realize what a mess that little bit of mud can really make . . .

Or what a mess it can make of a marital relationship.

Just a thought over coffee.