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01-16-02, 02:24 PM
I was sitting in the kitchen last night sipping my coffee and reading when my son Bubba came strolling into the room.

He was hungry and the only thing he could think of that he really felt like eating was a large glass of milk and some Oreo cookies.

Problem was his two younger brothers had already beaten him to the new package of Oreos.

Seems we run out of Oreos at the Durango household faster than anything else.

Anyway, Bubba was a bit upset by the fact that his brothers had eaten all the Oreos on him but he resigned himself to the fact that he had to find himself something else to eat.

Well he tore through the fridge and just about every cabinet in the room sampling a little of this and a little of that, never quite finding anything he was really happy with.

It had all gone on for quite sometime when I finally said "Aren't you full yet? Seems you've eaten enough for a week."

He replied that nothing he had eaten seemed to "hit the spot", after all, the ONLY thing he really felt like eating, the ONLY thing that was really going to "hit the spot" was Oreos and milk.

I suggested that he run down to Vince's Deli on the corner and buy a package of Oreos and off he went.

I sat there sipping my coffee thinking about what I had just witnessed.

Then the thought occurred to me that this was just like so many people in the world today . . .

They hunger for something deep down inside, yet they aren't really sure what it is.

They are "trying to find themselves" they say . . .

Or they'll bounce from church to church, religion to religion, beliefs to beliefs in an effort to find that which they hunger for . . .

And the Lord knows there are plenty of false doctrines and false prophecies for these people to fall victim to.

Problem is, these people will never find that which they hunger for until they come to know the true Gospel of the Lord . . .

And to do that they need to get in and study God's Word for themselves.

When they finally come to know the One True Savior . . .

The One True Lord, Jesus Christ . . .

Then and ONLY then will their hunger be filled.

Just a thought over coffee.


Breni Sue
01-17-02, 04:45 AM
Mmmm...Oreos :yum: I personally prefer the double-stuf! ;)

As always Durango, your coffee post hit it right-on! How very true :)

01-17-02, 09:32 AM

Somehow, your posts always are what I need at the moment.

01-17-02, 07:57 PM
thankyou for posting that:D

01-17-02, 09:40 PM
I'm still waiting for you to publish your book.... :)

01-17-02, 10:43 PM